3 VIDEOS – 75 Academy Superstar Jessica Warburton Arrested – LCBO Heists


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The LCBO located at 100 Cumberland was the victim of two thefts on back-t0-back days which spawned an investigation by the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS). The thefts occurred on December 16th and December 17th, both dates in 2019.

As a result of that investigation, Jessica Warburton was arrested, charged, and held at the Balmoral TBPS station pending a court appearance.

Warburton had her court hearing this morning, she appeared via video link while in police custody at the TBPS station. Senior Regional Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron was presiding over matters along with Crown Attorney Katrina “Lock ’em UP!” VanKessel and the sharp-minded criminal defence lawyer Brennen Sacevich acting as duty counsel.

Warburton is facing two counts of theft under $5000. She has an outstanding matter before the courts in which she is alleged to have assaulted a man with a weapon. That matter has not been resolved yet.

The Crown decides that they will recommend the release of Warburton on single condition. The suggested bail plan has no money or surety tied to it. Her sole release condition is to not attend the LCBO. She is ordered released from jail and is scheduled to be in courtroom 303 on January 17th, 2020 to continue answering to the charges laid on her.

Warburton made waves on social media when her conduct at 75 Academy was caught on video and posted to the internet by an annoyed tenant that is raising kids in the building. During one of the video-recorded encounters, she accuses the tenant of being me, Pino. I am not the man holding the camera. The resident that took the videos says that Jessica has been a nuisance in his building and wishes she would stop coming around. Below we have three videos obtained from the resident which illustrates what he is going through.

Another video below this advertisement.



The third video below.

More videos of the trouble at 75 Academy can be found at the YouTube channel “The Shitty of Tbay”.


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  1. the guy video tape is pathetic ,what a loser, maybe people need help. this guy makes her look like she has it gother more then him. lol

  2. This tenant who made the video is a judgemental arsehole. I can bet he s gonna get beat up for stalking people. You never know who people know buddy. Thinks he’s better than everyone . racist price of garbage. Actually I can almost guarantee something will happen to him

  3. I realize that it is everywhere here but it is very sad that so many of the low rental housing units are experiencing much high rates of criminal activities. Many of the people who do live there peacefully must be devastated by those conditions and fearful for their own and their families safety. Time the city officials got off their arses and started to do random checks on these places and if there is criminal activity in them, call the police. Then issue a notice to vacate in 60 days. Also the city urgently needs to make a policy that if you are caught abusing your welfare benefits on drugs or booze or aiding criminals ,you get cut off. Plain and simple. No if’s and’s or but’s. There needs to be ZERO tolerance for those abuses because everyone else gets stuck picking up the tab whether it is police resources, EMS, the ER at TRHSC or whatever. Tackle the problem at the source and even up the game and you will clean up this city fast. Right now the cops are on the losing end and just cant keep up with this trash. This city is beyond a national crisis for criminal activities and junkies and drastic actions are needed.

  4. wow you know what it’s like in that apartment if you have a kid don’t you think that maybe that’s not the best place to bring one up? Instead of trying to become famous by exposing people at there lowest maybe you should use this time constructively and look for a stable environment.

  5. this guy is a piece of shit he has no life if all he wants to do is follow an addict who is struggling with her addiction

    1. And she’s a piece of shit to be pounding on doors screaming for dope money at all hours of day and night. She’s a welfare scamming public nuisance and deserves every bit of harassment she gets. She’s luck she hasn’t had what’s left of her teeth knocked out.

      Don’t forget that this guy has kids he’s trying to raise. They need sleep. They don’t need to be woken up at all hours of the day by some crack head whore screaming in the hall.

  6. To those of you who are bashing the guy who took the video:

    If you had to live with the problems he’s been putting up with in that shit hole, you’d also be harassing the f_____g crack heads who’re causing disturbances at all hours of the day and night.

    Put yourself in his shoes. See how long it takes before you’re putting the beats on these creeps never mind video taping them.

    I’ve seen that piece of shit Jessica in action in the neighbourhood. She’s a welfare scamming, walking disease.

  7. I agree with Rex fully here 🤔🤔

    If this peice of shit is ruining his life by banging on the door across from him all cracked and strung out at all hours of the night then why not return the favour and make her life a living hell as well. I wouldn’t let these crack heads chase me out either, am I stubborn? Maybe a little, but I ain’t gonna get run out of a place because these heroin attacks can’t keep their heads on their damn body’s for a few seconds nevermind a few months of rehab. Lock this girl up and don’t give her a drop of methadone or any type of drug. She chose this life, the zombie and the REST OF THEM can all get the same treatment until their sober. Get a god damn job

  8. he my have a kid i also do but he didnt need to do what he did, he could of called housing or cops and left it he was recording it threw a hole he is a creeper…i dont think someone who is struggling with addiction deserves to be treated so disgusting…people need help not judgement..its a ugly disease and its sad that it takes u over u have no control once it takes u….we gotta understand she is sick she doesnt even realize how she is looking or acting…he could of dealt with this so much better then he did….DISGUSTING actually….

  9. Here is the reality. With the push to help the homeless get off the streets, TB Housing is full of addicts. Calling Housing and complaining does absolutely nothing. Speaking from experience and having lived thru this it is enough to drive a sane person up the wall dealing with all these issues. Calling the Police also is almost pointless. Unless they catch them in the act, they cannot do anything. Then, if Housing finally gets around to evicting someone, they can turn right around and end up in a different Housing building; again moving to the top of the waiting list because they are homeless. It is just a revolving cycle.

    Unless you have ever had to live thru something like this you have absolutely no idea what it is like having to live with this day after day after day…….

    1. Rex and Jenna You both hit the nail on the head. My mom lives in a seniors apt building run by TBHousing and there is even drugs been checked out there. So disgusting the other senior tenants are afraid to say anything and often some of them do not use the comon room like they used to. All it takes is one rat in the building to attract other rats and this city is full of out of town rats setting up business here. Those anal comments sympathizing with that junkie are comfy cozy in their own environments or homes and never have to witness this shit taking place in buildings and complexes all over the city. Not everybody has the luxury of affording their own home.

  10. The guy filming is a goof, lets keep it real he probably is a ex addict or a current addict. BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.

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