(GODS LAKE, MB) – On September 23, 2019, at approximately 12:45 pm, Gods Lake RCMP received a report that a 2-year-old male child had been attacked by dogs in the community.
Officer responded and located the child a short distance from his residence, in a wooded area, with serious life-threatening injuries.
Officers believe the child wandered away from his residence when he was attacked by several dogs.
The child was pronounced deceased at the scene.
As officers conducted their investigation on scene, members of the community entered the forest and were forced to shoot several dogs that were seen returning to the area.
Gods Lake RCMP continue to investigate.
Source: RCMP


4 Replies to “2-Year-Old Dies After Dogs Attack”

  1. Ban dogs in reserves. They have no life except for providing a steady stream of puppies for city rescues to find homes for.

  2. This is so tragic. Just a baby,had no chance. My heart breaks for the parents,loosing a child is one thing but to have it happen this way. Oh my god. Now will something be done about all the damn dogs? Is this enough for people to stop and realize how bad the problem is? Absolutely horrific! I am a animal lover too but how many more people being injured or killed does it take? ALL OF THE DOGS SHOULD BE GONE! Running free in packs,breeding more and more puppies. They are essentially wolves. Plain and simple. Pack mentality. One goes off, the all follow suit. People allowing this are the problem, not the animals. They do what comes naturally. It’s not fair to the animals either. They turn federal and die for it. The reserves have to only allow pets that are fixed on reserves or if a person wants to breed maybe require a license, stating purpose or need . That way they can control people who treat their dogs like puppy mills,breeding for profit only also.

  3. Did this 2 year old child wander from home by himself? if so, why, where were the parents. If the child was not under supervision, the parents are just as much to blame.

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