1000 Grams of Crystal Methamphetamine Busted


(ST. PAUL, MB) – On October 4, 2019, just before 2:00 am, Selkirk RCMP initiated a traffic stop outside a residence in West St. Paul.
Upon further investigation, officers searched the vehicle, and seized almost one kilogram of crystal methamphetamine.
A 38-year-old male and a 27 year-old-female, both from the RM of West St. Paul, were arrested and charges are pending.
Those who produce and traffic illicit drugs destroy lives, homes, and communities.
The Manitoba RCMP remains committed to dismantling the drug networking and drug traffickers that bring drugs to our towns and cities.
RCMP continue to investigate. Sources indicate that meth addicts across the region are in mourning.
Source: RCMP


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  1. Good to see this huge bust get these dangerous drugs off of the streets.
    Can’t help but wonder though? Are the streets that loaded with drugs that traffic stops find them with regularity or, are cops being tipped off? Seems unusual for routine traffic stops to be turning up so much dope.

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