THREE YOUTHFUL SUSPECTS CAPTURED BY LAC SEUL POLICE IN BREAK & ENTERS. One 13 year old female and two 12 year old males.

One suspect still at large. Police continue the investigation.


Appearing on Sunday May 6,2018 via telephone from the Lac Seul Police Station in Courtroom 104 are 3 youths.

  • 13 year old female L.K.
  • 12 year old male K.B.
  • 12 year old male K.T.

It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court. Her Worship, Denette Maslach is presiding. Provincial Crown Andrew Sadler is here along with Duty Counsel Lianne Roberge.

The 3 youths were arrested yesterday at the Lac Seul Indian Reserve 28 by the Lac Seul Police.


They’re all accused of 2 break and enters into businesses in Lac Seul.

The court hears allegations that on May 4,2018 at 11:40pm the Red Pine Convenience Store was broken into. Allegedly there are 4 youths caught on video but only 3 identified.

About 2 hours later at 2am on May 5,2018 an alarm went off at the Kejick Bay Garage. Lac Seul officers arrived quickly and caught 3 of the 4 youth. The fourth is still at large.

The first youth LK is up. The court learns that the 13 year old was on an undertaking for outstanding break and enter charge. Her parents aren’t aware that she’s been arrested. Lac Seul Officer requests that she be held in custody. Crown Attorney Sadler informs him that he has to step up the bail ladder to a 200$ no deposit release with same conditions she had previously which included a 9pm to 6am curfew. Police will release her once they find her parents.

The second youth 12 year old K.B. His mother is in Thunder Bay and his father is in Kejick Bay. His parents don’t know he’s been arrested. Police have been unable to contact the parents. K.B. doesn’t even know his own address. He says his home is on a ‘long stretch’. The Lac Seul Officer tells the court most homes on this Northern Reserve don’t have an address. The court orders him to be released on undertaking once they find parents.

The third youth is 12 year old K.T. His mother is not at police station. But court hears she allegedly identified her son on the surveillance video from convenience store. But they haven’t heard from her since. Again, he’ll be released on undertaking once the police locate the parents.

All 3 youth are ordered to appear in Lac Seul Courtroom on May 30,2018 at 10am.

There was a brief period this morning where the court was trying to phone the Lac Seul station. But there was no police officer there for an hour. Only a guard.

The Lac Seul Police Officer has been working alone this morning and sounds exhausted. He could probably use some help. He has to patrol the community, do the paperwork and track down the absentee parents. That’s a lot of work for one guy.