(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing in courtroom 102 to plead guilty on Thursday May 17, 2018 is 25-year-old Sheldon Ogima. His honour Frank Valente presiding, with crown attorney Rob Kozak, and defence counsel Gil Labine.

Ogima is sporting the classic orange jumpsuit, with squeaky clean chrome bracelets. His hair is about half an inch long, and he seems uninterested and annoyed to be in court today. Ogima stands roughly 6-foot-2 tall, and weighs roughly 160lbs.


Court begins with Ogima pleading guilty to aggravated assault, assault, and a failure to comply with a do not contact/communicate probation order that stems from a November 2017 conviction from an assault with a weapon charge.

Ogima’s previous conviction landed him 4 months in custody and 18 months of probation for an assault with a weapon.


Ogima was residing in a residence with consent from the homeowner. A woman he was not to have contact with is also known to the homeowner, and visited the residence to engage in some personal errands, unbeknownst that Ogima was present.


Once Ogima was alerted to the woman’s presence, an altercation occurred where Ogima claimed he was going to save the woman, and wounded her face with the knife.

Ogima was ordered not to contact/communicate with this women, stemming from his previous conviction of assault with a weapon.

The homeowner appeared and attempted to calm the situation, but Ogima assaulted the man, and stood over him with the knife while the woman managed to flee to a nearby bathroom.

After a short passage of time, the female managed to call 911; and upon police arrival order was restored.


Labine begins his submissions by stating that Ogima had a psychiatric assessement done, and in the 11 page report it says that Ogima is fit for court.

Labine continues by claiming Ogima has a grade 11 education, and has not been in school since 2008. He also hasn’t worked much other than a stint at Pizza Hut.

Defence points to Ogima’s severe drug addiction to opiates, which is the likely cause of his irregular behaviour, which is bordering on paranoia along with indications of being delusional. Ogima is said to have been recently using cocaine, which is likely to have caused the incident.

Ogima has been in custody since March 2018, for a total of 74 days, enhanced at 1.5x to 111 days.

Labine suggests a 2 year sentence followed by 15 months probation. Time served for the assault and failure to comply with probation is recommended. He further suggests a DNA sample on record and a victim fine surcharge with 2 years to pay.

Since Ogima has been incarcerated, he has been forced into sobriety. Ogima is said to be thinking clearly now, and realizes that his addiction to opiates is the clear cause of his erratic behaviour, states Labine.


Crown Attorney Rob Kozak begins his submissions by stating that this is a joint submission, followed by making it clear that this is a very serious matter that calls for a penitentiary sentence.


Kozak states that the victims are still fearful, and wants a no contact/communication order levied on Ogima, along with a “do not attend” order, with the address of the victims targeted.

Addiction is the cause of this incident, and Kozak calls for intensive treatment while Ogima is in custody, and during probation.

Kozak wants a stern sentence for this matter, to deter others from committing similar crimes. The circumstances call for additional condtions, such as a lifetime weapons ban, and Ogima’s DNA sample to be provided and put in the DNA database.



His honour Valente points to a number of convictions on Ogima’s record, and a significant criminal record as aggravating factors in considering the sentencing submissions. Ogima’s plea of guilt is looked at as a sign of remorse, says His Honour.

His Honour Frank Valente follows the joint submission from the crown attorney and defence counsel. Ogima is Sentenced for the aggravated assault to:

  • 2 Years custody
  • 15 Months probabtion

The assault charge lands him:

  • 1 Day in jail plus time served

The failure to comply with probabtion scores him:

  • 1 Day in jail plus time served

Probabtion conditions are as follows

  • Abide by statutory conditions
  • Report within 2 days of release to probabtion officer
  • No contact/communication with the two victims
  • Do not attend where the victims live/work/goto school/anywhere they may be
  • Attend and actively participate in substance abuse and mental health programs
  • Provide proof of attendance and completion of programs
  • Submit DNA
  • Lifetime weapons ban
  • Victim surcharge of $200 x2 with 2 years to pay

Ogima is escorted back into the courthouse jail cells, and has a huge smile on his face as he is lead out of the courtroom.

Photos of Sheldon Ogima below:

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