(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing by video from the Thunder Bay Police Service’s station in courtroom 104 for bail this morning is 35-year-old Evangeline Shakakeesic. Presiding is Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon, with federal crown attorney Alec Hardiejowski, provincial crown attorney Adriana Nigro, and duty counsel Lianne Roberge.


Shakakeesic is well mannered, responsive and clear spoken. She is estimated at 5-foot-3-inches tall, and has at least shoulder length hair.


She is here in court today for allegedly stealing from a Pearl street Maltese location, with a weapon. The items she is accused of stealing are a Oh Henry! And Kit Kat chocolate bars. A worker approached her after she was seen walking around the store and a worker confronted her.

The worker believed she had stolen something during her circle around the store. Another employee came out from in the back of the store and questioned Shakakeesic, and at that point Shakakeesic had argued that she doesn’t steal. The worker pointed to a bulge in Shakakeesic’s pocket, and asked to see what was in there. Shakakeesic pulled out a pool ball. The worker stated that it was Shakakeesic’s other pocket that has the bulge that was of concern. Shakakeesic said “there is a knife with my blood on it” and followed with “you don’t want HIV do you?”

Shakakeesic is known to police through previous interactions.


Shakakeesic is charged with:

  • Theft under $5000

The crown attorney is prepared to release Shakakeesic, on an undertaking with no surety. The following conditions are suggested:

  • Reside at an address and report that address to police within 24 hours of release
  • Not attend within 100 meters of Maltese
  • Not possess any weapons

After some discussion, it is mentioned in court how Shakakeesic is homeless and has no address. Her Worship Gibbon points out how reporting an address within 24 hours would be impossible for Shakakeesic.

The crown attorney recommends changing the report address condition to reporting weekly to the police station. The change of condition is accepted and Her Worship Gibbon is ready to wrap it up.

Her Worship orders Shakakeesic released on an undertaking with no surety. She grants the crowns recommendations for condtions.

Shakakeesic’s next court date is June 8, 2018

These are just allegations and have not been proven in court.