Justice of the Peace Calls out “Imbalance” in the Courtroom


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon was speaking her mind in court again today. The speech came out during the court appearance of Renee Graves who was charged with dangerous driving causing death. The Crown was willing to consent to the release of Graves on a no-surety recognizance and the Justice of the Peace appeared to raise issue with the release citing that the courts holds people in jail for alcohol-related breaches.

Further, Justice of the Peace felt the need to point out that the victim of this incident is an Indigenous person.

Graves was released on a $300 non-deposit recognizance bail plan with no surety required.

Below is her speech which erupted after the Crown revealed they have come to a consent release of the suspect.

“I appreciate all of that information and there’s no doubt that a lot of work went into those having those discussions and panning that information. The only reason it causes me hesitation here is R vs Singh, and uhhh that’s umm 2008 Ontario court of Superior Court of Justice decision 5236 referring specifically to paragraph 25.” Justice of the Peace Gibbon said.

She then quoted the case “Exercises the judicial function of deciding the issue of bail requires an independent and partial judicial determination. The show cause judge is not a rubber stamp but differently. Consent or agreement of detained counsel and prosecution does not constitute a judicial adjudication. The court maintains there is still discretion to discharge the important obligation of balancing liberty and public safety consideration”

“So when I look at public safety considerations I sit in this court and other courts where we have people that are breaching allegations that are coming before us of recognizance and people are put on stricter forms of release. So it’s confusing to me that we have someone who allegedly has unsafe operation of a motor vehicle, which is the most dangerous weapon known to man, takes the life of another human being and we are releasing her on her own recognizance?” Gibbon said. Her own recognizance refers to the non-surety release.

“I’m really quite concerned about the tertiary grounds in this case and the administration of releasing her on her own recognizance and shaking the confidence in the administration of justice. When repeatedly, day after day after day we are releasing people on breaches of alcohol conditions needing sureties. We have someone here who has a record, and again, she may not have fled, she may have turned herself in and for the reasons that were explained why a warrants was sought, I can appreciate that. But when we are looking at the administration of justice in the city of Thunder Bay and the challenges we face in our community, particularly challenges of racism in our community, that when we look at the Indigenous community, and I’m an Indigenous Justice of the Peace, I take that community, and their perspective of justice very seriously. That’s my concern here.” Justice of the Peace Gibbon said.

“It’s ultimately a Justice of the Peace signature here. So I’m not sure if all of that was put to everyone’s mind. We have someone again, who is charged with causing the death of another human being with the operation of the most dangerous weapon known to man, and we aren’t asking for anything further than her own recognizance? So again, I’m willing to release, but I thought it was prudent to put that to the record because I’m seeing a very imbalance of how justice is being administered in the court.” Gibbon finished her speech and continued with the court appearance.

Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon appeared to call out what she seems to think is an imbalance in the courtroom. The public has already shown a loss of confidence in the administration of justice since we started reporting on the goings on in the courtroom. This release definitely stirred up those issues. A few weeks ago a man was held in jail for 3 days, with no criminal record over a $35 theft which ended up being withdrawn as it was a case of mistaken identity.

Honestly, JP Gibbon, I was thinking the same thing.

Read our report on this court appearance at the link below:

Earlier we had listed Zelda Kitchekeesic as the Justice of the Peace who said this. We were mistaken, it was Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon.


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  1. I applaud JP Kitchekeesic for voicing her concerns. However, I would have respected her much more had she overruled the decision to put this trash bag back on the streets under those conditions.

    This chronic reoffending piece of sh!t should be locked up.

  2. So a white woman hits a native woman with her car and is out on bail and there is outrage BUT a white man got robbed and murdered at 4PM in broad daylight and is allowed bail and that’s fine. If these people didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all.

  3. Also in the native man’s case it goes from murder to manslaughter! Interesting. Can someone explain how that worked, and don’t give me the whole gladeu crap either because no matter what color you are you god damn know that beating somebody like that will lead to death.

  4. I followed along up until she felt the need to make a point about being an Indian.
    What bearing does this twits nationality have on the ruling in court.
    Sounds like she should go sit with that tit Fiddler and be his mouth piece.


  6. A loss of confidence and being outraged is one thing, but doing something about it is quite another. This is Canada after all, we’re only capable of sitting in Tim Hortons and complaining about it in hushed voices.

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