Choking, Assault, And More In Whitesand


This morning, appearing by video from the OPP Armstrong detachment is 44-year-old Duncan Nagotchi, a resident of Whitesand Indian Reserve. He is wearing a black hoodie, hair is unkept/messy, and looks tired.

Justice of the Peace Zelda Kitchekeesik presiding, with Andrew Sadler as Crown Attorney, and Lianne Roberge as Duty Counsel.


Nagotchi was apprehended due to an incident on March 30th, where he failed to comply with his undertaking, which he had agreed to follow during his previous bail court appearance. Nagotchi failed to abstain from the purchase/possession/consumption of alcohol and other substances, resulting in the new charge.

Justice of the Peace Kitchekeesik reads out Nagotchi’s current outstanding charges, dated March 28th, 2018:

  • Assault
  • Assault (Attempt to render another person insensible by choking)
  • Breach of probation (Failed to keep the peace and be of good behaviour)

The crown addresses the court and says he is prepared to consider the release of Nagotchi, provided he has an address that he can reside at. The crown recommends releasing Nagotchi on a no-surety undertaking, again, with the following conditions:

  • Notify police of any change of address within 24 hours
  • No contact/communication with 3 people
  • Do not attend within 100 meters where the victims live/work/go to school/anyplace that they may be. (The crown gives the reason for this condition being that the breach (Fail to comply) occurred beside the residence of the victim)
  • Abstain from alcohol while outside his residence, and do not leave his residence with alcohol in his body.
  • Do not carry/possess any weapons

The crown further clarifies that he is withdrawing the “Assault with attempt to render” charge because the first assault charge addresses the choking, Justice of the Peace Kitchekeesik acknowledges that.

Duty Counsel has no objections and mentions that as long as Nagotchi consents to those terms. Nagotchi agrees to these conditions.

Justice of the Peace Kitchkeesik grants release of Nagotchi reads him his conditions and he accepts them. The paperwork is faxed off to the Armstrong OPP Detachment, and Nagotchi is presumed released shortly thereafter.