Bail Court Stories March 15th 2018

Today we got some stories from bail court at the Thunder Bay Courthouse. Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio was ruling, along with Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill was training. The Crown Attorney for these cases was Adrianna Nigro.

The following people appeared via video from the Thunder Bay District Jail. All the information is just allegations and has not been proven in court.


Derek Neshinapaise, 40 years old.

Charged with:

  • Assault With A Weapon
  • Forcible Confinement

Legal representation is Richard Courtis, and

Duty counsel has received instructions from the defendant’s legal counsel to request an adjournment for a future date.


The crown attorney cites concerns for Derek’s victim and children, the crown does not consent to his release at this time. If the release were to be granted, the crown asks for a no-contact order in regards to the victim and their children.

Neshinapaise has been remanded into custody for a future date.

Stephen Papassay, 30 years old.

Charged with:

  • Robbery Use Imitation Weapon x2
  • Forcible Confinement x2
  • Personate With Intent
  • Failure To Appear
  • Impaired Operation
  • Operation Over 80
  • Possession Of A Weapon
  • Carrying Concealed Weapon
  • Threaten Death/Body

Papassay’s lawyer is Karen Scullion.


The crown is ready to present their release plan, provided the accused’s two sureties are present.

Duty counsel has received instructions from Stefan’s legal defence, which states to proceed with the release provided there is two surety’s present. Duty counsel advises the court that the accused’s mother has informed duty counsel that her, as well as the other surety, had attended court several times now and that the other surety could not make it into court today.

Justice Donio asks why the second surety could not make it into court today.


Duty counsel states that the second surety had employment responsibilities and could not make it in today, but had been in court several times already for this purpose. Duty counsel advises that the mother of the accused was in court, and is a potential surety.

Justice Donio makes it known that both surety’s need to be here for bail to proceed.

The crown expresses concerns regarding the surety knowing their responsibilities that come with being someone’s surety. Furthermore, the crown expresses the need for the potential surety to be spoken to by the crown before consenting to release. A suggestion by the crown that the surety’s set the next date for a bail hearing so that the two sureties can meet the court.

Duty counsel suggests adjournment until tomorrow.


Justice Donio adjourns the bail hearing until tomorrow.

Colin Desmoulin, 34 years old.

Charged with:

  • Assault
  • Failure To Comply With Conditions

Defence is Tyler Woods.

Crown expresses concerns regarding a release, including that the release would require discussions with the John Howard Society regarding a supervised release. Also, the crown would like to discuss the release with all parties involved.


A representative with the John Howard Society states that they have declined to supervise Desmoulin.

Desmoulin’s lawyer suggests the case advances to plea court, and that some time will be needed to come up with a joint submission.

Justice Donio remands Desmoulin into custody for a future court date.

Matthew Macrae, 33 years old.

Charged with:

  • Threaten Death/Bodily Harm
  • Assault With A Weapon
  • Fail To Comply With Bail Conditions

Defence is George Joseph.

Crown states the charge is a breach of recognizance, which was a no-contact order.

Macrae’s lawyer is not present and was paged.

The crown states they would like another no contact order issued if the release is approved.

George Joseph enters the courtroom and speaks to his client in private.

Justice Donio points out that Macrae was already on two no-contact orders.

George Joseph returns from his private conversation with his client. Joseph advises the court that Legal Aid has not authorized him to represent Macrae for the assault, only for the breach. His client seems to be caught in Legal Aid limbo due to his previous lawyer having a conflict of interest with the case, and Legal Aid has not been quick to switch the authorization to the new legal counsel.

Justice Donio remands Macrae back into custody with a future court date.

Peter Achneepineskum

Charged with:

  • Assault
  • Failure To Comply With Bail Conditions

Legal representation is George Joseph.

Duty counsel advises the court that they have received instructions from an absent George Joseph.

Crown states that the John Howard Society has declined to provide supervision during release and that the crown would want the accused to be supervised if a release were to occur.

The accused speaks with duty counsel in private.

After the private conversation, the accused is remanded into custody for a future court date, as no surety was present.

Allan Slipperjack, 29 years old.

Charged with:

  • Assault x2
  • Fail To Stop For A Police Officer
  • Theft Under $5000

Legal Counsel is David Pierce.

The crown wants a supervised surety.

Pierce wants to speak to his client in private.

Crown demands a no-contact order with the victim.

Justice of the peace remands Slipperjack into custody until a further date, as no surety is present.