Robert Ternowski of Calgary was arrested on September 26, 2014. He was released on bail. Ternowski failed to appear in court on October 5, 2015. Ternowski turns 58 this year.

It’s been almost 30 months now and the Media Communications Director at the Thunder Bay Police hasn’t put out a Wanted poster on this guy. C’mon Chris, you can do better than that. You’re getting a good paycheck. I know you’re watching the page. Just do it.


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Thunder Bay Police Service Media Release Dated September 23, 2014


Weapons, Drugs and Criminal Organization Charges Laid

In the spring of 2014, members of the Thunder Bay Police Guns and Gangs Unit began an investigation into a group of males selling crack cocaine in the area of Bethune and Cumming St.

On September 16, 2014 a traffic stop was conducted on May Street by Uniform Patrol Officers which led to the arrest of two males involved with this group of males. A quantity of cocaine, marihuana and cash were seized from the vehicle.

25 year old BRIAN ESSIAMBRE and 54 year old ROBERT TERNOWSKI both of the Calgary area have been charged with:
– Possession for the purpose of trafficking-cocaine 5(2) CDSA
– Proceeds of Crime Under $5,000.00 CC 354(1)(a)

As a result of this traffic stop, two search warrants were executed on September 17, 2014 with the assistance of the Emergency Task Unit at a residence on Rosslyn Rd and a residence on Bethune St.

Seized from the Rosslyn Road residence:
– $31,815.00 cash
– 258 grams of crack cocaine. Street value $77,400.00
– 923 Ecstasy tablets. Street value $9230.00
– .38 calibre semi-automatic handgun
– Sawed off 12 gauge shotgun
– 2 shotguns
– 3 rifles
– Brass knuckles
– Switch blade
– 2 bullet proof vests

21 year old Taylor LECLERC of Langley B.C. and 54 year old Robert TERNOWSKI and 24 year old Jamie MORTIMER of the Calgary area have been charged with the following:

– Unauthorized Possession of a Prohibited Weapon 91(2) (.38 caliber handgun)
– Possession of Prohibited Ammunition 95(b) (.38 caliber ammo)
– Knowledge of Prohibited Firearm 92(1) (.38 caliber)
– Possession of Prohibited Weapon 91(2) (Stun Guns x2)
– Possession of Prohibited Weapon 91(2) (switch-blade)
– Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm 91(1)(a) (SKS)
– Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm 91(1)(a) (30-06)
– Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm 91(1)(a) (Berretta .20 gauge Shotgun)
– Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm 91(1)(b) (.38 Caliber Handgun)
– Possession of Prohibited Weapon 91(2) (sawed off Remington 870 .12 gauge)
– Unauthorized Possession of a Weapon 91(2) (Brass Knuckles)
– Tampering with serial number 108 (.38 caliber handgun)

– Possession for the purpose of trafficking-cocaine 5(2) CDSA
– Possession for the purpose of trafficking-MDMA 5(2) CDSA
– Proceeds of Crime Over $5,000.00 CC 354(1)(a)

Further investigation has led to Conspiracy to Traffic Cocaine charges being laid on MORTIMER, LECLERC, TERNOWSKI and ESSIAMBRE.

Investigators have been able to link the individuals involved in these recent arrests with three males arrested in June on drug and weapons related offences (see previous media release below). All seven males have ties to British Columbia or Alberta and are believed to be associated to the “856 Street Gang” from Western Canada. All have also been charged with Participation in a Criminal Organization and will appear in court today. The investigation is ongoing.

Previous Media Release from June 8, 2014

Traffic Stop Leads to Assisting RCMP in an Attempted Murder Investigation

On June 8th, 2014 Thunder Bay Police Patrol Officers stopped a Jeep Liberty with Alberta plates at approximately 3:15 a.m. on Arthur Street for having no rear taillights. As the officers were conducted the investigation they were notified that the vehicle was flagged as “seizure” by the Alberta RCMP in conjunction with an attempted homicide investigation.

The three male occupants of the vehicle were placed under investigative detention. A search of the individuals resulted in Marijuana being located and two of the males being arrested on drug related charges.

An initial search of the vehicle subsequent to the arrest resulted in a loaded handgun being located in the vehicle. As a result all three males were escorted to the Balmoral Police Station to confirm identity and for processing. During this process it was revealed that one male did not provide his real name and that two of the individuals were on weapon prohibition conditions.

While at the police station, the accused were once again searched prior to being placed in cells. This search resulted in more drugs being located on one of the males.

18 year old Cody Ryan Degirolamo and 27 year old Garner Roland Belcourt both from Dawson Creek, B.C. along with 34 year old Christopher Timothy Kirkpatrick of Burnaby, B.C. have all been charged with:
– Unauthorized Possession of Prohibited/Restricted Weapon
– Possession of Prohibited or Restricted Firearm/Ammunition
– Knowledge of Unauthorized Possession of Firearm
– Occupant of Motor Vehicle knowing there was a Firearm
Kirkpatrick has also been charged with:
– Possession of a Firearm while Prohibited
– Possession of Marihuana
Belcourt is also charged with:
– Possession of a Firearm while Prohibited
– Fail to Comply with Recognizance
– Obstruct Police
– Possession of Marihuana
– Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Marihuana

All three men appeared in court and have been remanded to the district jail. Degirolamo will make another court appearance today. Belcourt and Kirkpatrick will be in court on June 11, 2104.

Members from RCMP Calgary General Investigation Section attended to follow up the attempted murder investigation in relation to a shooting near Innisfail, Alberta on June 2, 2014.
This investigation led to a fourth male being located on June 9th, 2014 in Thunder Bay. This male is also a person of interest in the attempted homicide incident. 33 year old Aaron Mayers of Pitt Meadows, B.C. was arrested on outstanding warrants unrelated to this case. Mayers made a court appearance today and has also been remanded to the District Jail.

The vehicle that these men were operating has been seized by the Thunder Bay Police and is currently being examined by TBPS Forensic Identification Officers in conjunction with the RCMP investigators.

Investigation continues.