Narcan Saved My Life – Community Submission


(COMMUNITY SUBMISSION) – For all of the people who constantly say “let the addict die”, this is for you.

As a result of Narcan, I was given another opportunity to live. As a result of Narcan, I get to be a father today. As a result of Narcan, I have been able to place thousands of people into treatment over the past couple of years.


As a result of Narcan, I have been able to carry a message of freedom to countless people. As a result of Narcan, I am able to help restore my community. As a result of Narcan, I am able to be a loving son.

As a result of Narcan, I am able to thrive! The only thing that Narcan enables is breathing.

Since when did we become so desensitized as a society, that we think it’s ok to let any person die.


Cast this out and show the world that Narcan saves lives, and the life that it saves might just be the person that helps your loved one find hope.

– Rich Walters


6 Replies to “Narcan Saved My Life – Community Submission”

  1. Why were you drugging in the first place? Where were your concerns for family and community while drugging yourself to the point of overdosing?

    Good to hear you’ve straightened yourself out. Rather than praising NARCAN, maybe you should be condemning dangerous drugs?

  2. Rex
    I am biting my tongue as I write this because I would like to say a lot more, but I will refrain for now. It is very obvious to me and anyone else who has a loved one that is or has been addicted to something in one way or another that you have not had a loved one or self for that matter who has had an addiction or you would never ask such a stupid ridiculous question as “why were you drugging in the first place?” I could give many answers but it would be much better if you would go to the library and self learn about addiction because it is quite obvious you are not well versed on this at all, and until you are, you really should refrain talking about this subject.

  3. I think if a gunshot to the head could be repaired (in most cases) by applying simple spray can , then “russian roulette” would be more widely played.
    Glad you were able to turn your life around and become productive. Sadly not the case for most, it seems.

    1. I lived with a close family member who was an addict, an alcoholic and very violent. He’d been shot, stabbed and beaten over the decades. He also shot, stabbed and beat others. He was nothing but grief to his entire family up until he was 50 years old. Spent over 25 years off and on in the pen. He contracted numerous diseases from dirty needles and died relatively young not too long ago.

      Life is all about choices and nobody makes choices for you. Addicts aren’t held down and injected by others until the become addicted. Had they not chosen to do drugs and alcohol, they likely wouldn’t have ended up being addicts or drunks now would they? And don’t give me the “hard luck, tough childhood” bullshit either. I was brought up in conditions that weren’t suitable for an animal let alone a kid. I dabbled in various mood altering substances in my youth but never “chose” hard, addictive drugs and never became an addict. Choices my friend, choices…….

      I have NO sympathy for anyone who chooses a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and violence. Make all the excuses you want, most addicts chose that path in life. Make the choice, live/die with the consequences.

      Nice to see this guy straightened himself out. However, he’s certainly not a hero by any means.

  4. Right on! Keep up the good work. We need people like you who really understand the way of addiction. Thank you very much for your help!! 👏🏽👏🏽

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