VIDEO – Train Derails in Saskatchewan


(SASKATCHEWAN) – A CP Rail train that was hauling crude oil has derailed in Saskatchewan and erupted into flames. A large, black plume of smoke was visible for miles around the scene.

Highways near the incident were shut down and diverted around the site.


CP Rail says that the train derailed around midnight local time and that luckily, no one was injured during the incident.

Further, the railway company is saying that there was no impact to local waterways and that clean up crews will begin work sorting out the mess, restoring the area as soon as possible.

At this time there is no official number as to how many rail cars detailed during the incident. An investigation into what caused the derailment is currently underway. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada have sent a team to investigate.


Police have stated that there are detours setup around the wreckage. They are also encouraging people to avoid the area in the meantime.

The fires were raging for over 12 hours and possibly longer. Below is the video we obtained from

Video credit : Jennifer Fleischhacker


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  1. Lol probably not very smart to have you and your children outside while multiple oil containers burning…breathing that stuff will cause illness

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