VIA Rail Passenger Train Derails in Manitoba


(MANITOBA) – In what appears to be happening more commonly, another train has derailed.

This time, a VIA Rail train left the tracks in a remote part of Manitoba.


Officers will the Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded to the situation  and report that 12 people were on board during the crash.

No serious injuries are believed to have resulted from the incident.

The train derailment happened around 6:45 am this morning, local time.


“Manitoba RCMP are on scene of a VIA passenger train derailment in the area of PR 350 at Road 73N with 12 people on board. Passengers and crew are being assessed but at this time the injuries do not appear to be serious. Derailment occurred at approximately 6:45am.” – RCMP


4 Replies to “VIA Rail Passenger Train Derails in Manitoba”

  1. ONLY “12 people were on board”
    yet they won’t run the VIA to Thunder Bay?
    I bet there would be a heck of a lot more people using VIA RAIL if came thru Thunder Bay!
    Oh yea, I keep forgetting Thunder Bay doesn’t count as a part of Canada anymore

    1. yes i agree ,we should have that via rail back in Thunder Bay again. the only way we can leave this city is by car or airplane ,this is just CRAZY as not every one has a car and many people do not have the funds to fly. i say BRING BACK THE TRAIN….. THANKS

  2. Travelled on Via Rail passenger train from Sudbury to Vancouver and return June 2019 and the speed the train attains to make up time due to delays caused by freight train traffic in my opinion was reckless and dangerous. Felt train could and would derail due to excessive speed. Investigation needed and results publicized. A nerve wracking and expensive trip that I won’t repeat mainly because of excessive speed.

  3. dl I totally understand the need for the Via train to stop here but have you looked up the prices for it. You could probably get
    a heck of a lot cheaper flight on a sale than on than taking that train. Canada is decades behind in transportation compared to so many other countries. Our rail system prolly hasnt been updated in years, we basically have no bus service from one side of the country to the other and the cow trails we call highways in northern Ontario are a disgrace.

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