Tractor-Trailer Unit Crashes in Thunder Bay


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Shortly after 2:30 am on January 12th, 2020, a tractor-trailer unit left the highway between Balsam Street and Red River road/Dawson Road, smashing into the ditch spectacularly.

A 911 call was made and members of Superior North EMS, Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue and the Thunder Bay detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police all responded to the situation.


Police have initiated an investigation into what happened to cause the vehicle to leave the roadway. Fatigue or possibly impairment are believed to be the leading theories at this point.

The tractor-trailer unit remains in the ditch at the time of this article being published. No police presence was visible around 7:00 am when we approached the scene.

Sources indicate that no fatal injuries were sustained during this crash.


This is a developing story and police are expected to give an update soon.

Photos updated with daylight images at 9:35 am.


5 Replies to “Tractor-Trailer Unit Crashes in Thunder Bay”

  1. Until and if Canada makes commercial driving a trade, and driving courses are available only in community colleges or affiliated with community colleges- with national standardized requirements and instructions with testing , these ongoing crashes and maiming and deaths will only continue
    When foreigners can immigrate, amd take these positions under sketchy circumstances all ppl should be outraged
    And the only time tax payers lnow the putcomes of charges, is when driver’s “rights” have been “violated”
    Its a health and safety issue for the rest of us, having to be on the roads with ppl who scam the system

  2. WOW, on one of the straightest parts of highway out here. at least he? did not make it to highway 102 because it would have happened on the twisty road COUNCIL does seem to think is ok for sh-tty drivers to take

  3. Always knew how the necessities got delivered from point A to point B in the past. Now, I’m astonished that it still happens.

  4. At least this idiot was charged with careless driving. Hopefully their transport driving career is over before somebody is killed.

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