North Star Air Plane Crashes in Northern Ontario


(SACHIAGO LAKE, ON) – North Star Air has suffered yet another plane crash in their fleet. Luckily, no one was injured and the crew appear ok. This flight was for cargo carrying purposes.

Below is the statement released by North Star Air.

North Star Air is reporting that one of the company’s Basler BT-67 cargo aircraft was involved in an accident near Sachigo Lake, Ontario.

The accident happened at approximately 9:10 am local time on December 3, 2019. There were no passengers onboard the aircraft and both flight crew members sustained no injuries.

North Star Air activated their Emergency Response Plan. The Transportation Safety Board and Transport Canada have been notified and will be leading the investigation in determining the cause.

North Star Air will be cooperating fully with their investigation.


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  1. I have wonderful memories of being flown to northern villages on DC3 with skis instead of wheels. In the summer I usually was flown in Canso’s No airstrips in summer and icy one in winter.

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