HIGHWAY COLLISION: Transport and SUV Near Shabaqua Corners


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Shortly after 3:00 pm today we received a report that a highway collision has happened just west of Thunder Bay.

What we are hearing is that a transport and an SUV collided near Shabaqua Corners, closer to Thunder Bay in front of the Timberland Motel and Restaurant.


A woman, estimated to be in her early 60’s was the driver of the SUV and her injuries are serious and she has been airlifted to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.. The injuries, if any, sustained by the transport driver are unknown at this time.

An eyewitness says they saw the woman pull out in front of the transport, only to get hit, and then hit again before finally coming to a halt.

Members of the Ontario Provincial Police, Shebandowan Fire Department and Superior North EMS are on scene sorting out the situation and working hard.


Air Ambulance, a helicopter, landed on the highway to pick up the woman.

Please avoid the area if at all possible as first responders need room to work safely.

OPP Have closed the highway, for now.

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4 Replies to “HIGHWAY COLLISION: Transport and SUV Near Shabaqua Corners”

  1. Not trying to sound like an a**hole but that’s proof that not all truckers are at fault for the accidents that happen… just putting this out there but what is going to happen in kekabeka when hundreds of transports go through the village with people pulling out from the side streets? Exactly the same situation that has unfolded today. So before everyone just assumes that it’s always the semis causing the problems just think about all the accidents that the semi was doing absolutely nothing wrong. Just putting my opinion out there not trying to start s**t! Hope all is well for the woman that got injured and prayers for the family of her.

    1. Many 100’s of transports go through other towns on the northshore with no accidents, KB won’t be any different…its 4 lanes and 50 km/hr. The 12+ crashes on 102 this winter all were caused by transport excessive speed, only one was caused by 70+ woman pulling out in front of the truck..just like this one.

  2. people seem to not realize that a fully loaded tractor trailer travelling at highway speed takes over two football fields to stop.
    its not like a car that will stop within a 100ft. people blame the truckers but in all honesty most of these poeple have no idea what it takes to drive a tractor trailer, its not simple like driving your grandmothers chevette..

    hope everyone in this situation is pulls through.

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