Highway 11: Transport Hits Ditch


(SHEBANDOWAN, ON) – Yesterday, on Highway 11 just west of Thunder Bay, a tractor-trailer unit left the roadway.

Emergency crews responded and handled the situation. We are uncertain if there was any injuries due to the crash.


The incident happened near “Girls Got Minnows” on Highway 11, just west of where Highway 17 and Highway 11 join.

Crews were working long hours to get the vehicle out of the ditch.

Always remember that when crews are working on the roadway to “slow down and move over”, it’s the law.


This is the third confirmed collision involving tractor-trailer units in the region within the past few.

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10 Replies to “Highway 11: Transport Hits Ditch”

  1. WTF Roads have been in good driving conditions for almost a week now. Check the condition of the road as that latest transport lays in the ditch. Only logical explanations are inexperienced driving with too much speed, distracted driving, some type of impairment or some unpredictable health issue. Impaired can also means over tired or falling alseep at the wheel. These accidents are getting way too common around here. Does the MTO even check the log books anymore or random check for any type of other violations or are there too few MTO officers anymore due to government cuts? Something is causing an increase in these types of accidents. Innocent peoples lives are on the line.

  2. The majority of these so called “drivers” are foreigner from mostly India and Paskistan who can’t read the signs , let alone be drivers and have no respect for anybody
    I snowplowed the highways in the Shabaqua area for 5 years and most accidents with transports involving these people who will try to pass you on hills , around corners and to the right of your plow and are always on your side of the dividing highway lines
    Get theses folks off the highways and manufacturers please delete cruise control out of big trucks
    Remember the Humbolt Broncos tragedy and who was behind the wheel of that transport truck

    1. Someone must have forgot to tell them that using cruise is dangerous on slippery or wet roads but I doubt even if they knew that, it wouldnt make a difference to them. Too many of those foreign inexperienced transport drivers are ignoring the rules, driving aggressively and are putting profit over safety. We rarely used to hear of transports in accidents but now it is an everyday event with often fatal results. I guess the MTO has had so many cuts that there are too few officers to monitor the driving and records of these dangerous jockeys on the road. The stretch of Highway from Sault Ste Marie to the Manitoba border should be renamed as The Gauntlet cause you take your chances driving there because of those twits and their on the job training trying to tame an 18 wheeler. .

  3. What has being from India and Pakistan have to do with being an inexperienced driver? Most edutaed Indians speak and read English as it was a British colony for centuries. The problem in my view is that no one but a poor immigrant would agree to work in such a “sweat shop” job. When the unions were strong and the MTO was fully staffed to test drivers good drivers could be found who were happy to work driving trucks at a living wage and decent hours.. Where they are from has no bearing on the accident rate. You rarely hear of a pulp or tree length bush tractor trailer in an accident. These drivers are well paid professional who take pride in being good at what they do and operate good equipment,

    1. Laura Did you happen to know who caused the Humbolt accident and the other accident recently where two early twenties something drivers crossed the road and killed another innocent transport driver? Have you ever driven along the Coq inBC and watched the circus there?

  4. Iamdone, I agree that new inexperienced drivers are a problem as is poor enforcement and easy licensing. I just don’t think that white, black,Indiginous , oriental , Martian or whatever nationality has anything to do with the problem. These people are willing to work under such terrible working conditions and low pay where others particularly spoiled Canadian kids don’t want to and quite frankly I wouldn’t want my grandkids doing that job either under those conditions.

    1. Laura You nailed it yourself when you said these people are willing to work for low pay. They also have only one objective and it sure isnt to drive safely. They are primarily interested in making as much money as possiible and dont think the rules of the road apply to them. They are willing to cut corners and know they can get away with because there are just not enough MTO officers to monitor them. Transport drivers have always been hauling across this country for many decades so please explain why NOW are there are so many more, practically daily, accidents which are often fatal. And most of those fatalities ARE caused by certain foreign drivers who do not have the experience, the ability to tame or respect an 18 wheeler.

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