(CANADA) – It’s that time of the month again, where the second significant bump of government handouts prop up the less financially established people in our country.

It’s baby bonus weekend. Money gets deposited tonight at midnight into thousands if not millions of bank accounts across the country.


What does that mean for people that need the money? They get diapers for their kids, food for the house, pay bills and be responsible with the money, furthering their family in this world. For those that do this, good on you.

But what else happens? Some recipients will either spend a significant portion, if not all of their government handout by getting high, getting drunk, partying, and splurging on that new person in their life they are trying to impress.

How does this matter? With the sudden spike of people lurking around under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, domestic violence rates rise, violent crime rates rise, and over the week after the cheque comes out, theft and robberies rise. Why do theft and robberies rise? Most likely due to people withdrawing from the drugs that they just abused for a few days, and can’t just let the party end.


The crime spike is something we’ve observed, along with many others, this is not new, and it is very obvious. Baby bonus is only exceeded by the first of the month deposits.

The most concerning about this is that there are children that are going without because their parent(s) made poor decisions. These kids most often don’t have winter jackets, warm shoes, or clothes without holes in them. These kids go to bed hungry and wake up starved. They are the ones that lurk the neighbourhood, often without any supervision and ask strangers for food.

I’ll reiterate that those who’s kids are taken care of, this isn’t about you, this is the kid down the street that looks waaaay too skinny, and has been living off a cup full of rice once a day. This is about those kids. If you can turn a blind eye and say “mind your business”, congratulations, people like you are perpetuating the neglect of kids.

At this point we don’t have a solution to fix this issue, a lot of people have suggested that these kids be ripped from their homes and put in care. The thing is, care through child services is often barely better, and the kids aren’t loved. Which raises a few questions here, first off, were the kids properly being loved when they were left to their own and barely fed? Second, what can we do to improve the quality of life for kids in care?

I will update this article with more points as I see fit.

Brace yourselves.



  1. Oh, I am already prepared for it. Where I live, I can tell it’s Baby Bonus day just by stepping outside my apartment lol

  2. Cmon Pino!

    We know all these upstanding citizens are going to use that money to procure all those vital services that are no longer available since the health clinic nurses decided to go on strike!

    You go girls!! LOL!

  3. i work at a local bar and i swear baby bonus weekend is always the most interesting, its like watching those videos on youtube called “people of walmart” lol,
    always get the most disrepectful people that act out and cause problems, not looking forward to dealing with them again this weekend!!

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