(HALIFAX, NS) – A brief manhunt for a murder suspect wanted out of Texas had residents of Northern Ontario and Manitoba on edge for a while over the summer.

Halifax Regional Police say that they arrested 28-year-old Derek Cameron Whisenand after a shoplifting incident at an area business.


The Texas murder suspect has a Canada-wide warrant issued for his arrest soon after he was believed to have entered Canada illegally through the Manitoba border near Haskett. This happened during the week of June 24th and Whisenands vehicle was located on the American side of the border.

Halifax police say that a 911 call was made regarding a shoplifting incident in the 200 block of Chain LakeDrive in the Bayers Lake Business Park. Police arrived and made attempts to arrest the man but he had managed to flee.

Police tracked down the man and arrested him  a short time later after a brief foot chase.


The murder suspect is wanted out of Eastland County, Texas, which is roughly 168 kilometres southwest of Dallas.

Police say the murder suspects last confirmed location was in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 26th, 2019.

Arrangements are being made to have Whisenand handed over to the RCMP and eventually shipped back to Texas.


2 Replies to “Texas Murder Suspect Arrested”

  1. Good thing he got caught stealing in Halifax and not in Thunder Bay cause our security statues would have let him walk. I am not knocking the security guards themselves. They are only doing what they have been told to do. This no touch policy is a complete farce and those crooks and everyone else knows it. Maybe if a few of those stealing creeps got the boots delivered to them everytime they attempted to steal something, they might think twice about it. Those brazen thieves get their free goodies and the taxpayers get to pay for it. Pathetic

    1. Dumpster Bay has become a “political wasteland”.

      Due to a certain demographic that commits 90% of the crime 100% of the time, we, as a society in this town are not permitted to acknowledge the behaviour of this demographic let alone punish them for it.

      Accordingly, in order to appear “non-racist” the city has adopted a policy to “not interfere” with this demographic while they’re committing crimes of relative insignificance.

      As such, thefts from LCBOs, department stores, grocery stores etc. goes more often than not, unpunished. If the crimes were carried out by anyone other than from this demographic, the full extent of the law will be applied.

      With this type of subliminal “immunity”, there is very little to deter the criminal activity of this demographic.

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