Shocking Statement Made on Facebook


(CANADA) – It is a known fact that Indigenous women in Canada go missing and/or are murdered at a higher ratio than other ethnicities.
A woman took to the social media platform “Facebook” to share her thoughts on the national issue. It’s clear her opinion is highly controversial.
The Indigenous woman stated “I will never end up a missing and murdered woman.. I keep my legs closed. No offense…”.
Numerous members of the community are clearly outraged.

The woman doubled down on her statement in the comment section of her own post.

Police investigation has uncovered that a clear majority of solved murder cases where the victim was an Indigenous woman had an Indigenous person as the murderer.
Many people have brought up a valid point, that when Indigenous people are murdered by Indigenous people, their jail time is often reduced by the Gladue report that must be considered by deciding judges. This makes it appear that there is a discount on jail time for Indigenous people hurting other Indigenous people.
A study showed that most crimes committed by Indigenous people, are committed against other Indigenous peoples. Should Gladue apply when both victim and accused are Indigenous?
Recently, numerous people across the nation were protesting the attention that the media was giving the two notorious BC murder suspects after they were alleged to have killed 3 people. The protest was surrounding the lack of media coverage for the murdered indigenous people that happen across the country regularly.


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  1. You should try keeping your mouth shut!! How can it be native on native? Cuz with all the rhetoric about natives not working, being drunk all the time…where did they get the vehicle to transport the women north on the ” Highway of Tears”. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the white pig farmer kill mostly native women?

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