Global News Brutal Headline Sparks Outrage


(CANADA) – A nationwide and massive news organization posted a brutal headline to Facebook yesterday. Global News, which is connected to local Thunder Bay media “Tbnewswatch”.
The headline read “Guns only exist to kill. That’s why they were invented.
Gun-lovers can fuck off.
Get your thrills doing something else…”

Global News has since apologized and it appears that they have fired the employee responsible. Their statement is below.
”We have removed an erroneous post that stated an opinion and used language that is unacceptable on a Global News platform.
The unauthorized post was made by a former employee who inadvertently published it to the Global Montreal Facebook page.
We are taking steps to ensure that this unfortunate incident is not repeated.
This is not what you, our audience, expects of Global News.
We deeply regret the error and apologize.”
Peter Hinam had this to say about the incident “Sadly…..This is exactly as I would expect and what most of the 2.3 million licensed and law abiding firearms owners in this country would expect from yet another biased big media source who’s sole agenda seemingly is to push the anti-gun narrative to a Canadian public that is largely uneducated on the EXTREMELY STRICT and comprehensive gun control measures already in place in Canada.
So much for media standards and ethical journalism.
Unbiased journalistic integrity must’ve died out in media with Walter Cronkite.
Shame on #Global #GlobalNews #GlobalMontreal #Bias #Ethics #Integrity #Profanity #Obscenity #WeareNOTtheProblem #GunControl #Canada #ItsGangsNOTguns #BanGangsNotGuns”
Sage Caharel states this about the headline “This is EXACTLY what most of expect from Global. Nothing but biased Liberal agenda spouting drivel by those who lack true journalistic integrity.”
André Chagnon has this to say “Erroneous? Former employee? Inadvertently? Right. Why should we believe any of this? Is this the kind of journalism $600 millions buys us these days?” as he refers to the media payout/buyout the federal liberal government issued.


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