(4 Videos + Photos) The “United We Roll” Movement Arrives


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The “United We Roll” convoy rolled into Thunder Bay late this afternoon, coming in from the west. The convoy started in Red Deer, Alberta and has been making their way to Ottawa to protest bill c-69, bill c-48 and to push for a new pipeline to be built.

A spokesperson for the movement told TRCCTB.COM that they are hopeful that Canada will stop buying oil from Saudi Arabia, where women’s rights are behind the times amongst other inhumane things. Canada has more than enough oil to supply all of Canada instead of importing oil from other countries. This would keep Canadians employed and boost our economy.


The people in the convoy were very clear that this is not a “hate group” as their counter protesters are attempting to slander the movement. They welcome people with differing opinions to join the protest and open the discussion.

The convoy was originally scheduled to just pass through Thunder Bay, with a quick stop at the Terry Fox monument to meet supports and spread the message about what they are doing. After realizing the overwhelming support from the citizens of Thunder Bay, the convoy decided to stop here and support the city, since there is a huge base of support for them.

A spokesperson from the movement made this message regarding the switch today from just stopping at Terry Fox monument to staying the night in Valhalla due to the OPP changing their plans. Terry Fox does not have enough parking.



Numerous citizens showed up with donations of food, drinks and cash to help the convoy along their journey.

The lead red truck, pictured in the main photo, was allowing members of the public to sign the hood.

The convoy is expected to leave Thunder Bay in the morning, and will be back in town for the return trip.

The “Yellow Vests” Manifesto as written:

UNITY: Yellow Vests Canada shall aim to unite Canada and its people with the Proclamation by welcoming anyone, whether citizen or resident, who shares our core positions.

EQUALITY: Yellow Vests Canada shall not be divided by political allegiances, race, religion, ethnicity, generation or any other discriminator division. Together we are united.

MISREPRESENTATION: Yellow Vests Canada shall not be defined by the unrelated associations or actions of its supporters, or by anything but this proclamation.

STRUCTURE: Yellow Vests Canada shall not be represented by a unique leader, as the people cannot be represented by only one person, instead, relying on many community spokespersons to get our message out.

ANTI-TAX: Yellow Vests Canada opposes all over taxation laws and measures, including the proposed Carbon tax.

SOVEREIGNTY: Yellow Vests Canada advocates for maintaining the people of Canada’s complete sovereignty over Canada’s Borders and the lands withing, including policy making and calls for the immediate refusal of (or withdrawal from) the UN Global Compact for Migration.

IMMIGRATION: Yellow Vests Canada calls for the immediate stopping of illegal and irregular immigrations while promoting legal immigrations and refugee immigration in amounts that allow for successful integration into Canada’s multicultural society and economy.

FREE SPEECH: Yellow Vests Canada advocates free speech and opposes any censorship laws and measures.

ENERGY: Yellow Vests Canada advocates a complete energy self-sufficiency, including pipelines, and opposes any import of oil from foreign states.

REFORM: Yellow Vests Canada advocates a complete reform of the current Canadian Federal political system, including equalization payments and the electoral system.

PEACE: Yellow Vests Canada is a peaceful uprising and advocates a No First Use policy for violence, but shall not tolerate mistreatment or ignorance by authorities individuals or other violent groups.

Until these policies advocated by Canada’s rebellion have been fulfilled satisfactory to the people of Canada, we the people shall make our voice heard.

Below is the footage TRCCTB.COM took of the convoy arriving at the Valhalla Inn, under that is two interviews with two convoy organizers as well as Dean Carlson’s coverage followed by some photos taken around the Valhalla. Derek Parks, local defeated conservative provincial candidate was also present supporting the movement.



Two interviews, minutes after the convoy arrived.



Numerous photos from the convoy’s arrival.

Derek Parks Shows Support “Be Thank Safe You” ? or “Be Safe” and “Thank You”.
Crowd gathers around the hood everyone signed of the lead vehicle.
Pick-up truck with decals expressing the movements ideas.

Dean Carlsons footage beginning on the road.


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Posted by Dean Carlson on Saturday, February 16, 2019


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  1. I hope someone told them all to lock their vehicle doors.
    Even if the Valhalla is out of the way for most of the POS to go car hoping, they might think it was a big score.

  2. I do not support them. It’s a rebel media forum. Fossil fuels should be left in the ground. Greener resources are available.

  3. The idea of this pipeline is to ship it to port , not to a Canadian refinery where Canadians would benefit .

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