Violent golf club beatdown and forced paint drinking.


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – We are getting reports of a brutal beatdown that happened near Lappe earlier this week.

Information we have received is that a male was attacked while in his garage by at least 2 men with golf clubs and/or cans of paint. They beat the victim so bad he may lose one eyeball and is fighting for his life in the ICU.


After the beating, the victims truck was taken by the culprits.

After the golf club/paint can beat down, the culprits forced the victim to drink paint and poured more paint all over his head.

The Ontario Provincial Police put out a media release regarding the incident, but only mentioned that a serious assault had happened.


We are expecting a charge of aggravated assault or attempted murder to be pressed as soon as police close in on the suspect.

Police are still investigating and TRCCTB.COM has information that leads us to believe this was perpetrated by local citizens, and is not gang-related.

Our thoughts are with the victim and their family, hoping for a speedy recovery.

TRCCTB.COM has been receiving numerous threats from local drug dealers who want this story hidden from the public. We refuse to be intimidated.

We will continue to update you further as more information becomes available.


7 Replies to “Violent golf club beatdown and forced paint drinking.”

  1. To the golf club toting twinks: Make things right with your maker, you’ll be meeting him soon you little bitches.

  2. holy, i moved out of town to get away from this crap, these scum bags come near my house and ive got something for them.. so sick of these drug dealing scum bags, step foot on my property and i doubt you’ll be able to walk off…..
    so sad that our town has come to this…

  3. Do these guys really think they will get away with it? They will be caught in no time and enjoy a life behind bars. I don’t know how someone can sink so low. Praying for the victim and a speedy recovery and also for the families of the suspects for raising such deadbeats.

  4. Aww the wangsters don’t like being shown off for the public to see there cowardless, useless, way of living. Suck it up and be a productive member to society then you useless no good for nothing scumbags. Screw every last one of these drug dealers cry baby b***hes complaining of this site, keep posting Pino.

  5. Good for you Pino, If someone gets too close just post the threat and where the location is and you will not be alone.
    They won’t be coming to my house either. I have to wonder what this fellow did to provoke this unwarranted beating. People in Lappe had someone come out there to do this. Someone will talk out there and get to the bottom of it. No one needs trash around.

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