(VIDEO) – Another Officer Spit on, Another Youth Arrested


(SIOUX LOOKOUT, ON) – On April 23, 2019 at 5:42 p.m., a member of the Sioux Lookout Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) was approached by a member of the public with concerns regarding the personal safety of an individual. The officer was asked to handle a persons child because the child was drunk and disorderly.

This teenage suspect was known to police and was located highly intoxicated on Fifth Avenue. The officer attempted to effect an arrest and was physically assaulted by the individual which involved being kicked and spit on. The officer was alone at this time and is presumed to have called for backup which arrived very rapidly.


This is not new for the Sioux Lookout OPP, officers are constantly assaulted and spit on in the course of their duty. It is truly a hard job to be an officer in this community.

Posted by Pino Demasi on Thursday, April 25, 2019

As a result, a 16-year-old young person of Sioux Lookout, who cannot be identified as per the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), was charged with the following offences:

  • Assault with intent to resist arrest contrary to section 270(1)(b) Criminal Code (CC);
  • Assault a Peace Officer contrary to section 270 (1)(a) CC;
  • Assault contrary to section 266 CC;
  • Fail to Comply with Sentence Order contrary to section 137 YCJA.

The accused was held in custody and had a bail hearing on April 24, 2019 at the Dryden Ontario Court of Justice.


Know your rights, police cannot demand you to stop recording. They can ask for a copy of the video in which all you have to do is offer to email it to them.

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Video Credit: Facebook/Akeesha Nadjiwon


12 Replies to “(VIDEO) – Another Officer Spit on, Another Youth Arrested”

  1. I was not on the side of the TBay cops who pushed the girl in the stretcher but this video shows a legitimate arrest with no brutality. What it DOES show are people brazenly distracting a cop while he is arresting an intoxicated person…why distract a cop like that? Why not BECOME a police officer if you want to interfere?

  2. I think they should be charged with assault, increase the punishment for the spitting. I mean there are many communicable diseases in saliva. I say increase the charges, and eventually, it will deter them.

    I have no idea why youth today want to spit at officers. It’s very disrespectful.

  3. As for video recording a police officer, they are public servants and anyone can record them with any device. As for them asking you to assist them, they can request help from you but you are in no way obliged to help them if it jeopardized your safety. They can ask you to stop recording, but you do not have to. They can ask you for your name and number, but unless you are being arrested or detained for something you do not have to give them your information., because even criminals “have the right to remain silent” so you as a bystander do not have to say anything unless you are going to be used as a material witness.

  4. I’m disgusted again with the police trying to flex their authority and I would like you to put it in bold letters in an article that citizens have the right to record, refusal to give names even when a police officer says “well you are driving you need a license” he was trying to abuse his power as a police officer and it needs to stop. Thunder Bay police needs to stop abusing their power and authority over citizens of Thunder Bay.

    1. This wasn’t in Thunder Bay, did you read the article?
      The bystanders were screaming at a police officer doing his job, possibly endangering HIM. These officers put up with all sorts of things you never see. If the police officer looked up to see what the people recording were screaming at he could have hadn’t the tables turned on him quickly. And size doesn’t often matter when a person is on bath salts or meth or flacca or other crap street drugs that are unpredictable and often times result in violent behaviour, so don’t judge a book by it’s cover too quickly. I once saw a 90lb woman freak too and break the arm off a hospital wheelchair and hurl it into the helicopter landing pad from the ER doors, then jump up on a garbage can and start crying like her puppy died.

    2. Read the article. This was in Sioux lookout and has nothing to do with Thunder Bay police.
      It’s people like you that are the problem. Respect the law and the people who enforce it and you won’t get into trouble

    3. Seems like you didn’t even read the story before you started your dipshit comment. Sioux Lookout. Not Tbay. The officer was asked to go get the drunken kid by his parents. Seems he won’t listen to his parents. He may now listen to cops before he is listening to prison guards.

  5. If he didn’t break the law it never would have happened. I agree spitting on a cop should be assault. And that’s all I have to say about that

  6. would be a great idea for the gov’t to establish a school system to try and teach these “people”the basic rules of society ,decency and respect and instead of whining and moaning about “police violence” put some effort into educating themselves regarding the drain they are on the rest of humanity

  7. The 2 woman that taped this video are despicable. Right away they are on the suspects side assuming that the police just drive around looking to beat up people for fun. I don’t know when things changed but I was always taught to have respect for the law and to cooperate, especially is you are producing video evidence that could help in court. Because they were caught taping that video they are now involved and refusing to give their names is just sketchy behavior and disgusting in general. These woman only wanted to see what they wanted to see, and that is that the police are BAD! I’ll bet that is they have children they will be teaching them their scrappy attitudes also.

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