(RED LAKE, ON) – A 28-year-old Brian Moose has been arrested after allegedly breaching his bail conditions. Moose was released earlier on bail following allegations of a vicious assault.

Moose appeared in a Thunder Bay bail court via telephone from the Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Red Lake this morning. He was in front of Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio, along with Crown Attorney Franceline AuClair and a duty counsel lawyer.


Moose is alleged to have breached his bail condition that prohibits him from consuming alcohol or other intoxicating substances on a number of occasions. His new charges stemming from the November incidents are as follows:

  • Breaching bail conditions (No alcohol/substances) November 22
  • Breaching bail conditions (No alcohol/substances) November 23
  • Breaching bail conditions (no contact with 1 person)

He was previously released on bail stemming an incident that had someone violently assaulted. This is not the first time Moose is alleged to have breached his bail conditions either.

His outstanding charges already working through the criminal justice system are as follows:

  • Assault causing bodily harm
  • Breaching bail conditions x3

The Crown tells the court that moose is in a reverse-onus situation and at this moment the Crown will not consent to his release. She does state however, that should a suitable surety be proposed, a release may be possible.

Duty counsel informs the court that he was in contact with Moose’s Mother, who could have been a potential surety, but the Mother indicated that she was unsure if she wanted to be Moose’s surety.

A request from the defence is made to put the matter over until Monday in court so that a surety and bail plan can be crafted.

The Crown requests a no-contact order under section 516 sub 2 of the criminal code, which would prohibit Moose from communicating directly or indirectly with 1 person during his time in custody.

The Justice of the Peace grants both requests, Moose is scheduled to return to court on Monday for another swing at getting released from jail. Moose is escorted back to his cell where he will wait to be transported to the Kenora District Jail.

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