SHOTGUN SHOWDOWN: Two People Have Been Arrested



Appearing this morning, Sunday January 13, 2019 via telephone to Bail Courtroom 104 from the NISHNAWBE ASKI POLICE Station on the Kasabonika Lake Indian Reserve are 18 year old ALANA ALYSSA ANDERSON and 23 year old FREDERICK MCKAY.


It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. Her Worship, Zelda Kitchekeesic is presiding. Provincial Crown Franceline Auclair is here along with Duty Counsel.

Court hears that ANDERSON is facing charges of:

  • Using a shotgun in a careless manner
  • Assault with a weapon (shotgun) x2

MCKAY is facing charges of:

  • Assaulting a police officer
  • Assault with a weapon (shotgun)

Due to the violent nature of these allegations, Crown Attorney Auclair is not consenting to the release of either individual.

Both ANDERSON & MCKAY will be flown to Sioux Lookout to appear in Bail Court on Monday January 14, 2019.

No word on injuries sustained. I hope the NAPS Officer and others are alright. If anyone has photo of ANDERSON & MCKAY, please message them to me.

As usual, taxpayer subsidized media are refusing to report all the hard work of NAPS Officers.


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  1. I really believe that anyone who stopped for impaired driving, whether it be alcohol or drugs. Should loose there license for life. Especially when they cause an accident killing people who are hit by them and die. Either way should never be able to ever drive anymore in their lifetime. And also these people to darn lazy to wipe the snow off their vehicles completely should be given a large fine. Know the reasons why they cannot take the time to remove snow from the front, back, & licence plate.

  2. Keep hearing on the radio asking people how the City snow plots did during the last snow storms. Yes, they did great at plowing the roads, inside lanes should be plowed wider. But what about our city sidewalks, people are falling everywhere and god forbid if you’re in a wheelchair, scooter, using a walker your either apartment or housebound. To slushy getting stuck. Go around City Hall or see a bus stop cleaned down to pavement pretty sad.

  3. These two comments have nothing to do with this article. Naps officers face trouble and danger almost daily and as far as I know and maybe I am not right but I have a friend and I won’t say whether they are a teacher, nurse, doctor or naps officer, that they do not get paid same as city police even though they take the same schooling with other police that have been hired by the cities, they don’t get the same pay and pension, sometimes drive for hours instead of catching one of the small planes to work. They also work mostly without partners because of shortage and I think that they do a tremendous job. Some have ptsd and still have to work, so no one can say they don’t do their job. They have to fight for the little that they receive.

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