Police make arrests in vicious beat down and forced paint drinking.



Appearing this morning, Saturday January 19,2019 via video from the Thunder Bay OPP Station in Courtroom 104 are 31 year old VINCENT SEGUIN-HEBERT and 36 year old BRANDON SMITH.


It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. Her Worship, Jennifer Neill is presiding. Provincial Crown Derrick Silvestro is here along with Duty Counsel Aranka Golphy

OPP arrested SEGUIN-HEBERT and SMITH yesterday based on their investigation into a vicious assault that occurred in Ware Township.

Inside Edition sources indicate that a male was attacked while in his garage by at least 2 men with golf clubs and/or cans of paint as well as a baseball bat. They beat the victim so bad he may lose one eyeball and is fighting for his life in the ICU.


After the beating, the victims truck was taken by the culprits.


Inside Edition sources further indicate that after the baseball bat/golf club/paint can beat down, the culprits forced the victim to drink paint and poured more paint all over his head.

On January 16, 2019, at approximately 9:43 am, officers from the Thunder Bay Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to a report of an assault that occurred in Ware Township.

The male victim suffered serious injuries and was transported to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre by Superior North Emergency Medical Service (EMS).

Members of the OPP North West Region Crime Unit and Forensic Identification Services (FIS) have assisted with the investigation.

Up first is VINCENT SEGUIN-HEBERT (pictured left and below). He’s wearing a Nike zip up hoodie. He’s charged with aggravated assault and has an outstanding charge of failing to attend court on August 29,2017.

The TBPS also executed several warrants on SEGUIN-HEBERT this morning at the OPP station. Those allegations are not yet known.

SEGUIN-HEBERT informs the court that his lawyer is Christopher Watkins. He seems to be unaware of Watkins current suspended status with the Ontario Law Society.

Crown Attorney Silvestro is not consenting to the release of SEGUIN-HEBERT and the accused will be transported to the Thunder Bay Jail and will make a video court appearance from the jail on Monday. He’s ordered not to have contact with his co-accused, the victim or 2 others.

Next up is BRANDON SMITH A.K.A. “B Shitty” (pictured right and below). He’s also facing a charge of aggravated assault in relation to this vicious beating. He informs the court that his lawyer is Gil Labine. Labine is not in court today.


SMITH is also ordered remanded into custody and will be transported to the Thunder Bay Jail. He’ll make a video appearance on Monday January 21,2019 from the jail.




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  1. Jesus Christ! What’s this world coming to??!!! I sometimes wish we could go back to the “eye for an eye” justice system!!!

    1. Really these a***oles you call have the biggest heart and kindness people i ever met . And I know that most of those people have no anger and won’t use any violence to solve any problems, but instead use laughter and humor to solve any conflicts. So maybe you fu***ng a*****es should look in the mirror before calling anyone else names.

  2. I always said it would be a matter of time before Brandon seriously injured, or killed someone. He is a very dangerous individual that cannot be helped. I’m very saddened for his young daughter, and her mother. He needs to be behind bars, and away from society.

    1. I ALWAYS SAY ,IT DOESNT MATTER HOW TOUGH OR CRAZY YOU ARE BECAUSE YOU CANT STOP A BULLET.Nowadays that is exactly what you will get ……….or should get…….

    2. I to know Branden from back in the day, this is so Heartbreaking.. because of one night of stupidity all these familys have to suffer..God Bless them all….

  3. These guys are coke fueled, roid popping dummy’s. Shit don’t stink attitude, always the big tough wannabe dipshits that I despise. Surprised those retard twins the Linklaters aren’t on here yet too with all their bullshit caused throughout the years. Bunch of scumbags, let’s expose all these shitheads and make this city safer.

    1. I have done over 10yrs in max in edmonton and mill haven . Good luck boys i hope you are willing if needed to carry a shank and be willing to go to the next level .Different world and new rules. I bet your crying like little b****es at night. Pukes

    2. Sounds like they deserve a bullet in the head. Just one so as to not waste anymore of my f’ing money incarcerating these wastes of space. “Oh they were such loving people” to the poster who commented that above, get real. You’re likely the type of person most vulnerable to that violent behaviour, but you can’t see it can you ?

    3. Oh really an who are you to judge anyone if you know the Linklater twins they have done there time in jail an don’t get mixed up with as***les like you before you shoot your trap off know the facts dude….an who made you God to judge anyone I bet if we knew your real name your nose ain’t so clean..so by talking sh*t about other people who have respect from their family and friends who know mistakes happen …so take your perfect life an crawl into a rabbit hole because your opinion means NONTHING

  4. Aggravated assault? These should be attempted murder charges unless the paint is totally safe to digest. As for Ryan the Lion’s statement about the Linklaters, what did they do to you that you need to publicly advertise their name? I haven’t had any issue with that family in over 40 years

    1. Oh please, you’re gonna stick up for the Linklaters. Make’s me wanna horselaugh! They are known for destroying properties, lighting fires, sucker punching, b and e’s and countless other bs only somebody with shit for brains would come up. They think their so smart, well hello TRCCTB, times are changing and I will expose scum if I want to on here. Surprised they weren’t involved in this assault, those two like to double team, sucker punch, and cause a bunch of bs anywhere they go(and they hang with these two a******s). House parties back in high school your lucky if you wake up the next day alive and your house still standing. You must be one of their little a** kissing scared they’ll turn on me next “friend”. People like them have no friends. Anyone I know can’t stand all those a******s, they just keep the peace for their own safety and obviously this story is a reminder of what these guys are capable of. Good job boys doing this, bring the heat on your little crowd of hooligans next. Go go O.P.P!

  5. We should expose all of them. But we need to get the criminal system changed so people like this get hard time not club fed time. If crime keeps going the way it is I see vigilante street justice for all these criminal assholes.

    1. The system definitely needs work as well. Why are gang members getting gourmet meals in Toronto? There are some bad cookies in the system and how can they find out the good from the bad. To many criminals get slaps on the wrist and then first time offenders get worse time sometimes. I hope something changes before it gets to bad.

  6. Everybody is so perfect, innocent never f****d up in life ,and ready and so quick to judge. I happened to know about theses so called a******s! And those “a*****es” have the biggest and kindness hearts. Most of them solves conflicts with humor and laughter and are incapable of any violence. So you a******s please look at your selfish and judgmental selves in the mirror before calling anyone names or deciding what their faith is.

    1. Melissa. I’d like know what the victim’s opinion is of these guys after that beating and drinking paint. Did they let him talk first and laugh his way out of the situation with humor? Just shut up, your comment just shows how dumb you are and anyone else is associated with this scum. Your actually sticking up for these dunbasses? Haha wow!

    2. Biggest kindest hearts ? So…. Just because someone has a kind heart doesn’t mean shit. They beat someone. Badly. And for what? Because they cared about him? I think not. Doesn’t matter about anyone’s heart they are cold hearted for what they did. They are a**holes. Simple as that. You can be blinded by their previous kindness to you but they messed up and They deserve to rot. They do not deserve to see the light of day ever again.
      I knew one of these disgusting human beings. And yes he was a decent guy. But that’s the thing… He WAS. He’s now a lowlife scum bag. Anyone who can defend these two are just as bad as them. Tell me do you think what they did was right? Do you think they still have a kind heart after what they did?



  9. I don’t know these guys nor do I know anything about the case other than what is published here, BUT, if they are indeed guilty of this vicious attack, then they should be charged with attempted murder, as well as grand theft auto, break & enter, vandalism, and anything else that can be tagged on. There’s a human being fighting for his life, and his sight, in the hospital right now, and if those 2 are responsible for putting him there, then the full weight of justice should come down on them – no matter what their excuse was.

  10. Danielle and Laura…..two girls thinking with a clear heads and postin intelligent comments unlike some………

  11. Brandon was a piece of s**t in grade school too….. him and his little shitty ” group ” ….. those f***ers picked on me EVERYDAY for 6 years ……… i hope he finally gets what he deserves

    1. Katt…..sorry that happened to you .Maybe that stupid Melissa will get the picture.Punks like him dont need freedom.You want to act like an animal.time to go in a cage.There is always aomebody crazier and tougher.These losers need a wake up call.

  12. Danielle, Laura and Steve
    Thanks for posting decent and intelligent responses to this horrible and senseless crime that I wouldn’t wish on anyone regardless if he was acquainted with these guys or not.
    If they did this crime they for sure should be getting long prison sentences and as for Melissa and anyone else who thinks they are nice guys who made a mistake I say invite them to your place and let these nice guys give your family members some of their kindness then let’s see how you feel. This is not about judging people on mistakes they have made, this is about putting people in jail for breaking the law and causing severe injury to people whether they feel it was warranted or not. That is not how a civilized country deals with these situations, although more and more each day I am starting to sway towards the vigilante way when I read about jerks doing these kinds of things.

  13. So what happened on Monday at these two clowns video appearances, bail I presume so they can go crack out again on next victim/ friend . While the victim lays in hospital

  14. i know all parties involved and I can say with certainty that what they did was wrong and they should be punished but buddie that got beaten I’ve personally seen some sucker punchs and disgraceful attacks from him so ..I think the moral of the storey here is treat people with kindness how you want to be treated and keep better company

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