Police Cruiser Damaged, Notorious Suspect Arrested


(GREENSTONE, ON) – Appearing in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning via video from the Greenstone detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police was 21-year-old Vicsin Perreault. Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Denette Ellard was presiding along with Crown Attorney VanKessel and Blanco, a law student working with Michael “The Pitbull” Hargadon and David Pierce’s office.
Perreault is facing charges from a July 15th incident in the Municipality of Greenstone. He has been arrested and is facing a charge of mischief causing damage under $5000 after allegations arose of him damaging a police cruiser door.
The Crown states that this is a Crown-onus situation, meaning they will have to show the courts why Perreault should be detained. There are primary ground concerns surrounding Perreaults release. Primary ground concerns indicate that the Crown believes its unlikely that Perreault will return for court.

Further, the Crown states that they are willing to release Perreault as long as there is a confirmed address for him to reside at. Currently, Perreault is listed as having “no fixed address”. The Crown states that all too many times accused persons will provide an address and then it is later discovered that the address does not exist or that the accused is not welcome there.
Court is stood down so that Perreault’s address can be confirmed. There is talk about a Thunder Bay address may be used. We will update this article tomorrow regarding Perreault’s release.
Ontario Provincial Police media release dated December 1, 2016.

(GREENSTONE, ON) – Greenstone Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) continue investigating the theft of a 12 gauge shotgun and a 30-06 rifle, ammunition, and other hunting accessories that were stolen from a pickup truck in Geraldton, Ontario, between the first and second of November.
As a result of efforts by investigating officers and assisting Greenstone OPP Crime Unit members, 18 year old male, Vicsin Perreault, of Geraldton, Ontario, was arrested on Wednesday, November 30. Perreault is charged with:

  • Break and Enter a Motor Vehicle and Steal a Firearm contrary to section 98(1) of the Criminal Code.
  • Possession of Property Obtained by Crime under $5000.00 contrary to section 355(b) of the Criminal Code.
  • Trafficking in Firearms contrary to section 99 of the Criminal Code.
  • Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm contrary to section 91(1) of the Criminal Code.
  • Possession of Ammunition contrary to Prohibition Order contrary to section 117.01(1) of the Criminal Code.
  • Possession of Firearm contrary to Prohibition Order contrary to section 117.01(1) of the Criminal Code.

The investigation into the theft is ongoing and police are still seeking information from the public.
UPDATE Via Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition: Wednesday December 28, 2016

Vicsin Perrault appeared in a prisoner orange suit before Justice of the Peace Guthrie by video from the Thunder Bay District Jail today. He was arrested this weekend in Geraldton on more criminal accusations. Vicsin was transported to the Thunder Bay Jail by the Greenstone OPP. The Crown Attorney is opposing his release due to the serious allegations. He is remaining in jail for now. He’ll be brought in person to court for a bail hearing on December 30,2016. His mother is expected to attend from Geraldton and there will be a Gladue component to his bail hearing. He states his lawyer is Michael Hargadon. However, local lawyer David Pierce is filling in as Mr Hargadon is away.


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