“I Killed Those Kids” Perp Arrested Again




Appearing by video from TBPS Balmoral Station this morning Tuesday March 12,2019 in Bail Courtroom 104 is 29 year old GLEN ALLEN KWANDIBENS.

The last time we saw KWANDIBENS in court he was getting his infamous graffiti charge diverted. The graffiti charge made national news. (See below)

Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Denette Maslach is presiding. Provincial Crown Tamara Fairchild is here along with Duty Counsel Lianne Roberge.

KWANDIBENS is facing 3 new criminal charges:

  • assault
  • choking
  • unlawful confinement

Our hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officers arrested KWANDIBENS last evening for allegedly assaulting and choking a young indigenous woman. It’s further alleged that he unlawfully confined her.

KWANDIBENS is remanded into custody and will be transferred to the Thunder Bay Jail.

Duty Counsel Roberge requests a Section 517 publication ban in this matter. It appears the young Duty Counsel seems to think this matter will go to a preliminary hearing and onto a jury trial. This means no evidence, testimony or reasons given during a bail hearing or preliminary hearing can be publicized. Inside Edition sources indicate the young Duty Counsel has never worked a jury trial.



On May 29,2018 a now 29 year old GLEN ALLEN KWANDIBENS appeared in court to have his charges withdrawn in relation to the as he will participate in Criminal Diversion Program.

SERIAL KILLER or GRAFFITI ARTIST ? An exclusive interview with Glen Kwandibens. June 2017

The Thunder Bay Police became aware of information on social media about a message being written on a VIA train that is part of a display at the Kamview Overlook Park.

The message stated “I killed those kids”. As a result of the implications of this message, the Thunder Bay Police Criminal Investigations Branch started an investigation on June 8th, 2017 into this matter. The TBPS Identification Unit attended the location and processed the scene for the documentation and collection of evidence. The city of Thunder Bay has since removed the writing from the train.

An arrest was made on June 10, 201 7 just before 10:00 p.m. in conjunction with the mischief to the VIA train located at the Kamview Overlook Park.

Information gathered during this investigation and follow up interviews identified 27 year old Glen Kwandibens of Thunder Bay was responsible for the messages written on the VIA Rail train. He was arrested on George Street without incident and charges with Mischief Under $5000 and Breach of Probation. He has been released on a Promise to Appear.

Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition had an opportunity to meet Glen Kwandibens in person at the courthouse today and ask him a few questions. Glen is adamant about the correct spelling of his name. It seems that police and local media are spelling his name “Glenn”. He’d like that corrected. He stands about 5’10” tall,very slim and has his hair dyed. Looks like he tried to go for blonde but it came out orange.

I asked Glen about the graffiti he’s been charged with. He freely admits to vandalizing the train with graffiti but not that graffiti. He tells me he was drawing a picture with clouds and mountains. Kwandibens admits to writing his address on the train as well. . He states his girlfriend was a witness to this crime. He’s aware that he’ll most likely be convicted due to his graffiti confession but he already has a criminal record and isn’t concerned about another conviction.

I ask him about the death of kids in the river. He tells me he has killed lots of kids in the river. His own kids ! He admits to masturbating in the park and ejaculating in the river. He says he’s killing his own kids by doing that. I get a bit of a chuckle from this confession. He freely admits to drinking at the park frequently. Kwandibens is not employed nor does he wish to be.

He seems to suffer from a bipolar disorder. I tell him that’s he’s kind of famous now and his mood changes quickly. He tells me that I’m stalking and harassing him. He wants to be left alone. He leaves the interview quickly and heads to the Criminal Counter at courthouse to make the same graffiti confession again.


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  1. This story has EVERYTHING in it! Legal charges, solo erotica, public masturbation, HIGH ART, sexual assault, a hair bleach job that went piss yellow and a case of sexy lips (herpes simplex), it’s all here!! First off this guy isn’t bi-polar, he’s bi-winning while killing those nuts into the Kam. In reality I’m sure the only mental problem he has is FASD. What this town needs is a new version of the LPH opened because the amount of people with mental illnesses is out of control. There is no doubt this guy needs to be locked up but at the end of the day it’s not going to change him. Going to jail for most of these people is like going to a family reunion, it’s pointless. What I’m saying is the majority of these people are lost causes and nothing is going to help, so let em run wild. They do anyway; the courts just let them out and leave them to their own devices so I guess we all may as well get use to it. Let these guys toss loads in the Kam, it’s better then making babies and it’s harming NOBODY!

  2. What I would like to know,
    Is if he was masturbating into fast-moving water,
    or if it was more of a little nook featuring a more “passive” body of water.

    I think I would be too nervous to spill a batch in rapids.
    The roar of the water, the possibility of passersby catching an eyeful of my spectacle….
    I just couldn’t do it.

    If your out walking the dog and catch a glimpse of a homeless man administering self-pleasure, I would expect to see a rather large penis on display.
    I fear that people would just be sickened by my actions, and not impressed what so ever with the size of my cack.
    Nope… I couldn’t do it.
    I’d be letting the spectators down.

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