Assault, drinking, and multiple breaches


(PIKANGIKUM FIRST NATION, ON) – Yesterday’s wash court only had 5 people from Thunder Bay and the region ending up seeking bail. It’s safe to say that numerous other people across the region were arrested and released on a “promise to appear”, as the Criminal Code allows.

A 34-year-old Dudley Quill had his chance at bail in a Thunder Bay courtroom on Sunday. Quill appeared via telephone from the OPP detachment in Pikangikum in front of Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill. Crown Attorney A. Mason and duty counsel lawyer Lianne Roberge were also present administering justice.


Allegations are that Quill was arrested and charged with an assault on December 7th in regards to an alleged victim that he was recently convicted for assaulting previously. Quill was released on a “promise to appear”, but had allegedly breached his bail conditions the day after (December 8th). He was once again released on a “promise to appear”, and similarily allegedly breached his bail conditions yesterday (December 9th).

Charge laid regarding the December 7th incident:

  • Assault

Charge laid on December 8th:

  • Breach of bail condition

Charges that were laid in court on December 9th:

  • Breaching bail condition (not to be outside of his home while intoxicated)
  • Breaching bail condition (reside with parents and abide by the house rules)

The Crown is not consenting to Quill’s release today and informs the court that his alleged assault victim is the same person that he was just recently convicted of assaulting.

Duty counsel tells the court that she had spoken with Quill’s mother, and she indicated that Quill is welcome to reside in her home provided that he does not drink there. The request put forward by Roberge is that the matter gets brought back to court on Monday in a Kenora bail court.

The Justice of the peace orders Quill to remain in jail and schedules him into the Kenora courthouse on Monday for another shot at bail. Quill is escorted back to his cell where he will wait to be transported by airplane to Kenora.

Pikangikum is a fly-in reserve, there is no road access to or from that First Nation. Many people have speculated that if there was road access, there would be an increase of social services that could help mitigate the ongoing issues that some northern communities face.


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