Alleged Woman Beater Arrested Again



Appearing this New Year Tuesday morning, January 1,2019 via video from the Greenstone OPP Station at at Geraldton in Courtroom 104 is 20 year old ALEXANDER FORTIER.


FORTIER appears on on camera wearing a dark two tone long sleeve shirt and very loose blue jeans.

It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. His Worship, Bruce Leaman is presiding. Provincial Crown Jane Ann McGill is here along with Duty Counsel.

FORTIER is facing allegations of assaulting a young woman last evening as well as breaching his bail conditions not to consume alcohol as well keep peace and be of good behaviour.


FORTIER was recently arrested on December 20, 2018 for assaulting same woman. He was released on bail with conditions.

The court also hears that he has a few assault causing bodily harm charges and assault with a weapon charge from July 2017 for which his next court appearance was January 20,2019.

Crown Attorney McGill is not consenting to his release.

FORTIER is being transported to the Thunder Bay Jail and will make his next court appearance by video from jail.

He’s ordered by the court not to have any contact with his victims.

As usual, taxpayer subsidized media like CBC or TBLAZYNEWSWATCH are not present in the courtroom.


5 Replies to “Alleged Woman Beater Arrested Again”

    1. This is getting old, you need some new material, or a hobby, maybe put some of your free time to good use.

  1. Did I read this right? This immature, woman abusing individual had charges of assault causing bodily harm from July 2017 in which his court appearance was scheduled a year and a half later? In the meantime, he was able to continue bodily harm against others? Maybe the law is just waiting on him to kill somebody so they can really get him good? Wake up! This guy should have got what’s coming to him a long time ago. It could have changed the life of his victim(s).

  2. Hope he meets up with some karate/mma chick.
    A few kicks in the balls (if he has any) might shake him up.
    Oh yeah blame the alcohol.

  3. Bid tough guy too scawny to fight anyone except a woman. Needs a real man to take his butt for a walk behind the barn.

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