Anonymous Submission #0070 – Gang Member Booted From Local Bar


(OPINION) – This Saturday night I was at (a southside gore street bar) with some friends, wasn’t a bad night, the doormen were having some issues with a native man, after having to toss him out what looked like 4 separate times, they pushed him out and closed the door on him.

He began yelling that he has a bullet with the door mans name on it, now while he was at the door one of the times I happened to notice a lot of tattoo work and one of them was the symbol of the NATIVE SYNDICATE gang on his hand..


I hope for these doormen sake that he isn’t as crazy as he seemed.

Figured I would write in about this seems like something people should know about. we need to deal with these gang issues in Thunder Bay, if it takes more policing then thats what we need.

I do not want my favorite watering hole over run with these gang guys like the rest of Thunder Bay, the (gore street bar) has done a good job keeping this kind of trouble out so far, but I fear that it won’t last long the way this town is going.


Although it was funny watching the doormen manhandle this wannabe gangster like he was a nobody i still fear for them.

Here is some information i found on NATIVE SYNDICATE

Native Syndicate is an aboriginal gang, it was formed in 1994 and is still active. Formed in Regina. It’s Canada-wide, but more members are in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The number of members is unknown.

They utilize a Mafia-style organizational structure but otherwise invoke Aboriginal imagery. Their official colours are white and black, but they wear a white bandanna. Their tattoos often resemble “\Z\” (symbolizing “NS”, or “Native Syndicate”), marked between the thumb and index finger. They are allies with most other gangs in the region.

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6 Replies to “Anonymous Submission #0070 – Gang Member Booted From Local Bar”

  1. The native syndicate have become the errand boys for Hells Angels and Toronto gangs. They only have power in prison, I wouldn’t be too concerned. Also, anyone who is part of any gang is an idiot.

    1. Yep, these same people have yelled death threats at me for kicking them out of my yard from my kitchen window. They never come back, it’s just a way for them to walk away with dignity.

  2. He is more than likely just a “wanna be”. He wouldn’t be advertising his stupidity if he was a “true” member. More like he was just another “Drunk” that needs to go home, snuggle up to his mommy , and sleep it off. Another “LOSER”.

  3. Well gang life can also be a pretty lucrative business.
    When I feel like robbing someone, I just do it.
    Bank heists – no problem. Cartel drug runs – easy.
    If you don’t believe me, check the GTA V leader boards.

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