Anonymous Submission #0064 – VIOLENT, DRUNK & HIGH KIDS


(OPINION) – My husband and I were walking our dogs down the 1300 block of Brown Street and a group of kids were surrounding an elderly lady. I see this woman walking all the time and she is harmless.

One kid on a bike went up to her and said “come on..let’s go” and I yelled “hey. Leave her alone. Go home”. He got in my face and said: “she stole my bike.” I said, ” you’re on your bike.” He said “shut the f*ck up” and then started to walk away.


Then as we kept walking he said ” come something”.. so I turned around and said “if you have something to say be man enough to say it to my face. Not as I walk away”… he started to mouth off when his friend stepped in and apologized and said he was sorry. I thanked him for being man enough to diffuse the situation. We walked away. Called the police. They said they will have to see if they have jurisdiction to investigate.

This is not the first time we have seen this group of kids causing issues in the neighbourhood.

A few weeks ago the father was home while approx 20 underage kids were drinking and smoking running around till 1 am (ish) police were called then as well.


I’m worried one of those kids will get hurt or taken advantage of.

Please talk to your kids. Go to their friend’s homes and meet their parents. Get them to check in.

Have a chat about respect. Right and wrong.



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  1. Good idea. We always make them check in. And check with the parents to make sure a responsible adult is home. And sad to say, in this day and age, it’s best your teen/preteen has a cell phone. Never thought I would say that but 💩 happens and it’s a safety measure. And my daughter is 15. Still to young to be running the streets.

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