Anonymous Submission #0055 – Words From A Recovering Addict


So, I am a very well educated person who comes from a loving supportive family and guess what……I’m a recovering addict!!!!

Yup that’s right I’m a recovering addict and I always will be. I have 3 college diplomas, a wonderful family and a happy childhood and I still chose, you read that right I CHOSE to be an addict!!!


My addiction was a choice not a disease I wasn’t hardwired to be an addict I made choices, bad choices and fell into a bad situation. Now I’m not saying all addictions are purely choices, upbringing, mental health and lifestyle can all be contributing factors to the addiction and the choices we make. It should never be used as an excuse or a defense.

I made HUGE mistakes that I paid the price for as well as my family. I chose to get clean and work on saving not only myself but my family as well.

I have to make a choice everyday to stay clean. I’m not cured I am and always will be a recovering addict. I will never be recovered it will always be an ongoing process.


You will never be able to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. Public shaming and forcing someone into recovery programs will not work until the person is ready to make the choice to get help.

We all make mistakes, some bigger than others. Our past does not define us but it does contribute to who we are today. Unless your closet has no skeletons in it you have no right to judge others! Show some compassion to what others are dealing with we all have demons.

We need to start trying to find a solution to the problem….we don’t need to be the problem.

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4 Replies to “Anonymous Submission #0055 – Words From A Recovering Addict”

  1. that’s right, blaming anything other than oneself for their addictions is purely an excuse, and anyone that says otherwise is purely an enabler.

    the people that are pretending to “help” aren’t really helping the addict at all, in fact they are only trying to help themselves feel important and like they did something important. The reality is they are just continuing the problems and victimizing the addicts for their own personal mental acceptance.

    what a shame.

  2. When you are physically dependent it isn’t a choice. Apparently tour three diplomas didn’t teach you that. How ignorant of you to say it’s a choice. It’s glad you see it that way for yourself and your own addiction issues but not everyone is like that. SMH

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