(PHOTOS) – WARNING: Bear Lurking Near Homes


(SHEBANDOWAN, ON) – A short while ago a bear had entered a residence in the Shebandowan area.
Today, and over the last while there have been numerous bear sightings reported by community members.

These photos are of an actual bear in the Shebandowan neighbourhood.
Please remain bear wise and safe. Do not approach any bears. Below is from the Ontario Government regarding bears.

Don’t give bears a seat at the table. If bears learn they can find food where people live, they keep coming back and may try to enter buildings.

Ensure your property is free of attractants such as garbage, bird feeders, fruit, dirty BBQs, and pet food.
Learn more at www.ontario.ca/bearwise.
Photos from Facebook.


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  1. No, people lurking in a bear’s home area!!! Put your garbage away or stay in town! It’s his home not yours..you are a guest, act like one!

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