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(MOOSE LAKE, MB) – The following has been submitted by the community for publication.

We have never been so frustrated and desperate as we are right now. We urgently need help but feel like no one is listening.


On September 27th, a community member contacted us about a concern for the dogs in Moose Lake. Dozens of dogs were sick; they weren’t eating, drooling excessively, couldn’t walk or stand, and then started having seizures before dying. We were concerned immediately and had one thought; distemper. We called the provincial vet office and reported it that day. We were told that they could not look into this as it was third party information, regardless of the photos and videos we had.

Since then multiple people have called, including those in the community who have witnessed it first hand. We have emailed videos and contacted the Provincial Vet, Minister of Agriculture, and media to no avail.

It is now 12 days since this was reported and nothing has been done to help this community. They estimate over 50 dogs and puppies have died, and now nearly every household is reporting seeing the same symptoms. Distemper is highly contagious; through direct contact and airborne. As you can see in the video below, wildlife are also displaying symptoms of distemper. This could easily spread to other communities; immediate intervention is needed.


This is absolutely tragic. So many lives have been lost and more will continue to die while community members play phone tag with Animal Care. We don’t even know what this outbreak is yet. The epidemic could be anything; distemper is only an assumption on our parts based on the evidence we have received.

We don’t know what the solution is but we do know social media can be a powerful ally. Please help us take a stand for Moose Lake. Help us by sharing this story and pray we find someone who can help save the dogs of Moose Lake.


Animal care line: 1-888-945-8001

Please share.


4 Replies to “Help Save The Dogs! – SHARE”

  1. It is sad that people who live on reserves don’t put money in for their animals and this is what the out come is.

    1. Dogs and cats should not be allowed on reserves. Dogs are more often than not neglected and left to run wild. All those dogs do is breed and multiply. Then they get shipped out to other communities to try to find homes for. All at no cost to that reserve. The residents of those reserves can barely afford food for their own family so how do you expect them to maintain a dog. Having a dog or any pet is a major commitment, carries a huge responsibility and is expensive. Either dogs and cats should be banned from reserves or the government should deduct money paid to the band of those reserves to pay for the vet bills and maintenance of those dogs .

  2. If the community is suspecting distemper, the owners should be taking their pets to the vet to have them examined and to find out of there is anything they can do to help them. Dogs should be vaccinated and kept current to avoid such situation. Such a sad situation for dogs and owners alike. 🙁

  3. This is what you get when you don’t take care of your pets.
    Feel sorry for the animals, it’s tragic while the communities put nothing into this problem on their reserves and wait for someone else to fix it

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