6 PHOTOS – Wolves Begin to Approach Bearskin Lake First Nation


(BEARSKIN LAKE, ON) – As many people prepare to leave their home and animals behind, one woman is on high alert after noticing something disturbing.

Marlene, from Bearskin Lake First Nation, who took these photos said that she found the remains of a dog after what she believes was a wolf attack.

The community is being evacuated due to an ice dam that is causing water levels to rise and threaten the community. Many residents of the community are in distress as they are leaving their lives behind to flee to safety.

One resident says that the wolves are smart, and will lure dogs away from the community before ambushing them, ultimately ending up with fatal consequences.

There are people staying behind to do what they can to maintain the community and assist with animals left behind.

Residents of Bearskin Lake are asked to be aware of the threat of wolves and secure your animals as best as you can.

The City of Thunder Bay is expected to receive around 180 evacuees from Bearskin Lake First Nation over the next two days.


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  1. I’m in the wolves corner.

    Anyone leaving domesticated animals to run free in Canada’s wild north should be prepared for the inevitable outcome. Reserves do very little to control dogs breeding. Fortunately, wolves keep feral dog and cat numbers in check.

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