(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Information has come across our newsdesk about a child being abducted by a registered sex offender in Thunder Bay yesterday(Sunday)

Our source tells us that she went to church on Sunday with her daughter. Once they arrived, she noticed an odd man that nobody had ever met before.


She introduced herself and asked the usual questions, such as “how are you” etc. Shortly after, the mother made her way downstairs to mingle with the adults, not thinking anything was off.

The mother ended up leaving a bit early, and left her daughter there with a friend to finish the ceremony, as the mother had some things to do. Our source indicates that they live within walking distance of the church.

Her daughter and her friend wanted to go to the mall, so she dropped them off there and told her daughter to call her once she was ready to be picked up. That call never came.


An hour went by, and still no phone call. An hour turned into an hour and a half, which almost got to two hours before the phone finally did ring.

The phone rings, it’s not her daughter on the line, it’s a police officer. The TBPS officer advises her to meet him at Popeye’s across from SilverCity ASAP. The mother arrived there to see 4 cop cars and the new man from church sitting on his blue ebike.

The mother asked the officer what had happened, and where is her daughter. The officer pulled her aside and said they had found it very odd that this man was on a ebike with a child that was not wearing a helmet.

The mother repeated and asked “What happened?”

It turns out he’s a registered sex offender. He has a criminal record surrounding sexual offences.

The sex offender had followed the girls from the mothers house, to the mall. He bought them a pop and asked if they wanted a ride home. Her daughter got on the back of his ebike.

The police clued in that something was off with this older man having a very young girl on the back of his ebike, with no helmet.

Appearing in courtroom 104 this morning of the Thunder Bay Courthouse by video from the Thunder Bay Police Station is 68-year-old Micheal Dan Bewyck.

Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill is presiding, along with Provincial Crown Attorney Derek Silvestro, and Andrew Desmoulin as Duty Council Lawyer.

Bewcyk was arrested on Sunday for violating a prohibition order.


Bewcyk is not allowed to attend anywhere that kids under 16 will or are likely to be, such as, but not limited to, parks, pools, etc.


Crown Attorney Silvestro initially suggested that Bewcyk be released on a no-surety recognizance.

The Crown is reading into the court record, his proposed conditions. A woman is in shock that this man is about to be freed, and is crying in the courtroom. Silvestro pauses and notes the disruption in the courtroom. The woman leaves the courtroom in distress.

The Crown reads in the allegations. In 2010 Bewyck was convicted of an offence and was ordered to avoid any areas where children under 16 are present or may be present.


Sunday, August 26th, 2018, 16:36hr police were on patrol in the area of May Street and Isabel Street. Police observed a male on an ebike, who was later identified as Michael Bewcyk.

Police witnessed the male with two young females. The male grabbed one of the young girls to give her a ride on his ebike and headed south on May Street.

The young girl had no helmet on, so police conducted a traffic stop.

Bewcyk and the girl are unknown to each other.

Further investigation revealed that on August 25th, 2018, Bewcyk was at a church event that was themed as “back to school”, and Bewcyk was there volunteering flipping burgers. It was at this time that Bewcyk is being charged with violating his prohibition order. (This articles main photo)

Criminal History:

  • 2010: Fraud over 5000
  • 2010: Adult accessing child pornography
  • 2015: Breach of prohibition order in relation to children (same as today)

Her Worship Neill opposes his release “I’m surprised there is no surety with this release, to be quite frank”, and demanded that this man have some level of supervision, should he be released.

“I am not content with this release” Her Worship Neill says.

The matter is stood down until later today.

Upon return of the matter into court, new information has come to the Crown Attorney that the Thunder Bay Police are still investigating and that more charges may be coming.

The Crown opposes Bewcyk’s release after reviewing this new information, and Bewcyk is remanded into custody for a court appearance scheduled tomorrow.


We will follow up tomorrow.

Sources have indicated that Bewcyk used to be a janitor at McKellar Park Central School but was suspended when he was charged with accessing child pornography.

Furthermore, sources have indicated that Bewcyk lives in the 300 block of Franklin Street North.

This matter is the subject of a 486.4 publication ban.

Who wants to come to the courthouse tomorrow (Tuesday, August 28th) for Bewcyk’s court appearance?

There is something called “tertiary grounds”. It is a concern to the court if the release of someone would cause public outrage.


He’s on the 12:45 pm list in courtroom 104.

See you there.

If you can’t come, at least share this post.

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    1. Why on earth would they keep letting him out to reoffend? Who knows how many young girls are victims to his crimes. Once a sex offender always a sex offender. Scary s**t. 😳

  1. That sicko should never walk outside again unless it’s behind bars . I wonder what the outcome would be if it was one of their children .

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