UPDATED: Subject of Amber Alert Found MURDERED


(MISSISSAUGA, ON) – UPDATE: Roopesh Rajkumar has been located and arrested. Riya Rajkumar has been located deceased in the basement at a residence in Brampton, Ontario near Highway 410 and Queen Street. Homicide and Missing Persons Bureau has taken carriage of this investigation.

Peel Regional Police have said that the daughter was with her father for Valentines Day as well as the girls birthday.


The child did not live with her father full time, and was dropped off a gas station at 3:00 pm to spend time with her father for her birthday. The mother called police when her daughter did not return as scheduled for 6:30 pm.

Police say Rajkunar made comments indicating he may hurt himself or his daughter.

Police responded right away, and once all investigative paths were exhausted an Amber Alert was issued around 11:30 pm.


The father was arrested near Orillia after someone who saw the amber alert notified police of his whereabouts. Police say it was a “high risk take down”.


Rajkunar was held at the Orillia detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police overnight. Charges are still pending and have not been laid as of 7:00 am this morning.

The Peel Regional Police have now engaged in a homicide investigation.

Charges are expected to be laid one Rajkunar is returned to a Peel Regional Police station.

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“Our communications bureau is receiving numerous calls to 9-1-1, complaining about the late hour of the Amber Alert. As a direct result of someone receiving the alert, we were able to locate the suspect & his vehicle. The system works. Thank you to all those that called with tips.” – Peel Regional Police said in a Tweet.

Original article below.

The Peel Regional Police is asking for Ontario Residents to be on the lookout for the suspect of a child abduction. An Amber Alert has been issued.

The suspect, 41-year-old, Roopesh Rajkumar is with his 11-year-old daughter who does not reside with him on a full-time basis. Roopesh Rajkumar was to ensure his daughter returned to be with her mother by a certain time but failed to do so. Roopesh has since made comments indicating he was going to harm himself and his daughter.

It is believed he is driving a silver, 2 door, Honda Civic w/ plate ARBV 598. Peel Regional Police tell us he was last seen at Hurontario Rd/ Derry Rd, #Mississauga.

His daughter is described by police as female, brown, 4’0”, 60lbs, thin build, below shoulder black hair.


His daughter was last wearing pink dress w/hearts, black boots, black tights, black jacket with fur-lined hood. Also has black/white purse with a pink heart that has an R in it.


Police and family are concerned for the well-being of the child and are appealing for the public to be cognizant of their surroundings and to call 9-1-1 immediately if they see the vehicle or either Roopesh or the child.


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  1. My condolences to her mother and family. Wish the amber alert was sent out earlier so maybe they could have gotten there sooner and she may have not died at the of hands of her father. To all those out there in the media in other newspapers etc who r complaining about being woke up. Give your head a good bang against the wall. One hour of missed sleep to one life. Really???

  2. I’d like to know how many of these people that bitched and complained about the time of the amber alert . I bet it would be a whole different story if it was your child . Give your head a good shake and then hit it against the wall .

    1. I agree, an amber alert for a missing child , people who complained, go to this poor girls funeral, see what you bitched about. Pathetic

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